Comments by Carl May

Did a developer steal this woman’s camera?

July 15, 2005
I'm amused by the "stream" of unsupported assumptions trying to justify what the workers did. In particular, what is "legitimate" about hiring illegal aliens--people who are breaking the law to be here? What "right to privacy" could such criminals possibly have? Sure, this kind of manual laborer tends to be sincere and hardworking, but what does that have to do with the price of eggs? And the benefits they are not getting--if this is so, it's the fault of some sleazebag developer/contractor who is…

Supervisors tweak principles, and send LCP changes back to subcommittee

June 09, 2005
Do the SAMCAR greedseeds have a map? They are repeatedly quoted as saying the abandoned bypass right-of-way through the backside of Montara and Moss Beach is "adjacent to the new tunnel." Setting aside the fact that it will be two oversized tunnels rather than the one we thought we were voting for with Measure T, the abandoned right-of-way is nowhere close to the tunnels. Miles away! Sure, this false appeal to a transit excuse the Stuporvisors are likely to embrace may work; but it has no basis in…

Clearing an endangered woodrat’s nest off a lot

August 23, 2006
Please, people, you are going to irritate the state and federal wildlife employees to death! Before disturbing these good public servants, try to understand that unless they have some particular, established reason to pay attention, they don't want to hear from you. Aside from the good souls who attempt to save us from the burden of knowledge by arguing "a rat is just a rat," we also know woodrats, in particular, are not to be mentioned to local officials. How do we know this? Over a year ago, a…

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