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3rd Smaller Quake in Pacifica area 1.2

April 18, 2011
I guess one thing to note is that today's events were all deeper than average, but still within the known limits of seismicity along the SAF in this area. Make of that what you wi...

3rd Smaller Quake in Pacifica area 1.2

April 18, 2011
String? Check out what's been happening just over the CA border in Nevada. Talk about a string!...ten magnitude 4.x in the past week. As for this afternoon's events around is nothing unusual...of course, last month's 9.0 in Japan was preceded by a 7.4, so I suppose it's possible that today's 3.7 is just the warning shot for next week's 6.5, or maybe it'll happen before you finish reading thi...

Mysterious ship off the Coastside laying cable

November 14, 2010
That's a bit of a sensational caption, don't you think? A bit more information provided 3 days earlier on Montara fog: True...A cable-laying ship, but it was removing the cable.

Fog-friendly tomato plants available at Master Gardener sale April 10

April 10, 2010
What a turnout! We were there at 9:30 and lots of people were coming and going with flats of plants. Hope the sale was a great success :-)

Mavericks Surf Ventures passes the buck…

February 21, 2010
Does it really matter which entity is responsible for the land? Why? Just so there's someone to blame? Many people disregard signs and announcements anyway...So, what's the point? Unless people see a reason to "buy in" to a policy, then why should they?...So, what's there to "buy in" to at Mavericks?: Personal Safety. In my opinion, the responsibility was/is personal. I know people were hurt, and I am compassionate about their injuries. Although the wave/surge was unlikely, it was certainly not improbable,…

Wood Burning Compliance

January 11, 2010
But there are noteworthy exceptions…FYI Look for "Exemptions" at bottom of the page. Sorry for the problematic repeat posting; maybe a moderator could delete my 3 previous posts; thanks.

A Solution for Surfers Beach in Sight?

November 16, 2009
Thanks for the links...I am familiar with them. I agree that restore is WAY too strong a word for this discussion, which is precisely why I added " accord with our modern demands". The system has been changed with the construction of the outer breakwater, and there aint no goin' back. But we *can* engineer our way over or around natural low spots, rather than filling them in and hoping that nature will just change her mind...My only point was that if the area of Surfer's Beach (Coronado to the…

A Solution for Surfers Beach in Sight?

November 15, 2009
"One consequence of the manmade wave patterns is the near-total loss of the bluffs at Surfers Beach (and significant loss of sand from the beach itself),..." Not to question that there's been erosion, but *what*, exactly, is being eroded. If one examines the face of the bluff at Surfer's Beach, you will see that the natural bluff top takes a dive north of Coronado, and the level of Highway 1 is well above the natural contour. Most of what's being eroded looks like fill related to leveling and elevating…

Letter: Delicious food at 7th Street Montara—locals’ discounts, too

March 20, 2009
I don't mind this kind of "promotion", but it's not my website. If this is a community forum, then I think the story is useful as a reminder to the community to support the community--(not to say that everyone needs a reminder). Besides, we like 7th street,...and Lucca, and Classique, and 3-Zero, and Ketch, and Gibraltar, and Blue Sky, and... :-)

Letter: Name the tunnel after Tom Lantos?

January 06, 2008
No way! Of all the important things that Mr. Lantos has worked on during his career ( rights, etc.--I think tunnel approval ranks pretty low. The last paragraph in Chuck's post summarizes my feelings, as well. -Rich

Letter: “The Bluff”

May 25, 2007
Thanks for your comment, Carl. I have seen the POST proposal document; and you're right that access to the bluff top would not be lost. I think that I did not phrase my opening statement well. I agree with you that POST might be engaged in actually making a place better, but I don't fully understand their justification for all of the proposed changes. I guess what really bugs me is the idea of closing trails for the wrong reasons. Part of the proposal describes "closing of the informal trails that…