Comments by Steve Blackwood

Jerry Hill drops AB650

June 22, 2009
AND, once again there are those pesky pay raises (while others are being furloughed). It just gets bitter and bitter. Steve

HMB’s attorneys explain why paying Keenan is the only option they recommend

May 21, 2009
Whow Kevin. You think things are messed up now? Give it a couple months. You aint seen nothing yet

Statement: CFMC board answers questions about center’s closure

March 31, 2009
Not only has CFMC been mismanaged into bankruptcy by allowing free medical care to anyone (to the benefit of coastside business owners) rather than limiting to a responsible and fiscally manageable number, they claim ownership of our medical records. Since CFMC no longer exists what do they need the records for? Will they pile them in the parking lot and burn them? Put them in storage? Who's going to pay for that? Why not release them to the individual they were compiled for in the first place? This…

Town hall on medical center closure offers cold comfort to community

March 25, 2009
I can't figure out why supervisor Gordan even had the meeting. He had no new information, no solutions and was no help to the community. What a waste of time.

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 22, 2008
And one more thing while I'm on my soap box. People moved to the coast, in recent times, and complained about the FOGHORN noise. Now it has baffles on it and I can't let it lull me to sleep at night. How I miss that sound. You move to the coast and can't stand a foghorn. Give me a break!

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 22, 2008
They do depending on the wind conditions and traffic patterns. Each airport has a specific traffic pattern to prevent congestion and mid air collisions. It depends on which way the wind is blowing. In HMB it doesn't much matter which way they turn after takeoff 'cause they'll be over houses in Moss Beach or Princeton/Mirimontes either way. Today was great. Smoke on and great areobatics. doesn't get much better than this. don't like it. MOVE.

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 22, 2008
We don't have the salt marshes, on the coast, for the aircraft to fly over as they do in San Carlos. The airport has been here forever and so has the noise. Love it or leave it. Be glad you weren't here during WWll. Be glad the airport was. Be glad you aren't on the approach path to SFO/OAK when the big ones come in. Better yet, take some flying lessons.

Letter: Thanks to the pilots who flew over today….......

September 19, 2008
Gosh, you move in next to an airport and you don't like the sound of airplanes? I run outside to see which one is flying over. I enjoy the sound. Try living in Palo Alto. Big jets on approach to SFO and OAK. Talk about great noise. Steve

Coastal Commission takes on AB1991

April 19, 2008
Excellent, Jonathan

Coastal Commission takes on AB1991

April 18, 2008
How arrogant can our city council be to sign an agreement based on a bill (AB1991) they don't even know will pass! How could they possibly think that they had the power to overturn existing legislation for the benefit of one developer. The S.F. Airport development couldn't do it. The "Tunnel" couldn't do it. HMB has just given a signed check for 18mil. Good Grief! Steve