Comments by Kathy Switky

Fog-friendly tomato plants available at Master Gardener sale April 10

April 11, 2010
Thanks for coming, Richard! We had more than 1000 people come to our sale at CSM yesterday - what fun! We hope to repeat the sale next year. For tips on growing your new plants, visit our website ( or sign up for e-updates (on our home page). Happy gardening!

Wavecrest calls off wetlands delineation, delaying its permit application

April 13, 2005
I'm not familiar with the process the Army Corps uses to delineate wetlands, but it seems likely that it includes, among other things, some measure of wetness. Could it be that this season's late rains might lead the Corp to delineate more wetlands than the Partners might like? Certainly seems likely that it will be drier in five weeks than it is now.

Wavecrest applies for permit from US Army Corps of Engineers

February 08, 2005
I have two questions: are the proposed ponds to be onsite or offsite? If they are on Wavecrest property, the Bolsa Chica decision wouldn't apply. And second, how do the developers propose that a recreational trail will mitigate for habitat loss?