Comments by Susan Donahue

Half Moon Bay - A Musical Tribute

November 22, 2010
Hi Michaele, Credits for the original song are included at the end. Susan

Photo: Downed power line blacks out HMB, causes fire

February 08, 2008
We're in the Miramar Beach area. At ~ 11:30, we heard the explosions & saw the fireworks just north of us (ELG). Got our back-up phone connected and called the HMB PD. They had gotten a report of "fireworks and gunshots." We suggested that they might be electrical explosions.

Coastside firefighters’ pay averaged $155,000 per year in 2007

February 04, 2008
Wow - - it looks like our firefighters are actually making a salary that allows them the opportunity to live in the community they serve. What a concept.