Comments by Celeste Gantz

Please help find our pet turtle, near the Distillery

June 23, 2010
We walk that area every single day with our dog, so we're keeping a sharp eye out. Hope you find your baby!

Coastside needs a complete count for the census

April 18, 2010
Those of us with PO Boxes didn't receive one because they were addressed to "Resident" at our street address and since we do not receive street delivery, the Post Office sent them back. The waste in printing, shipping and returning is a shame. Couldn't they have been retained at the Post Office for us to pick up? I would have volunteered to organize it if I had known the issue. It's too bad.

Photos: Firefighters rescue dog from Pillar Point cliffs

March 24, 2010
"Lucky"? I love a good straight man...uh, woman.

Photos: Firefighters rescue dog from Pillar Point cliffs

March 24, 2010
Wow. I know you're going to gets lots of complaints from people saying things about spending money and risking lives to save a dog, but our companions look to us to be there for them when they need us. The reward is always a hundred-fold. There's a special place in heaven for firefighters. Times like these guarantee it! Thanks Coastside Fightfighters...again!

Video: Some Sunny Day

April 20, 2006
Oh, congratulations, Darin! That was inspired. I'm sending the link to absolutely everyone I've whined to about our situation here on the Coastside. Someone should get a smile out of this. Just wonderful!

Coastsider’s Devil’s Slide coverage

May 31, 2006
Mr. Parr, I have to tell you, in all the conversations I've had regarding the slide, the two major topics are questions about how and when they're going to fix it and rave reviews on your coverage of it. They go on to compliment your overall coverage and talk about what a tremendous impact you're having on the delivery of unbiased news here on the Coastside. Not only do we turn to you on a daily basis now, but members of our family across the country are keeping up with what's going on in our area.…

Two Fools is closed “indefinitely”

March 22, 2006
This is so incredibly selfish but I'm hoping the "indefinite" has to do with something other than the rental cost of retail space on Main Street. I hope everyone at Two Fools is healthy and happy and maybe just need a break but will come back to us in the future. They will be sorely missed.

Letter: Power out in Moss Beach yet again

March 17, 2006
We woke up (late) this morning in Moss Beach to a blinking alarm clock. It's barely a surprise anymore. We're on the west side of Hwy 1 and it's usually the roaring of the pump on the Highway that wakes us up. We often gaze adoringly at the lighted hillside when we lose power. Can I borrow your hairdryer?