Comments by Jude Damasco

HMB considers its (lack of) budget options in special meeting

November 04, 2010
Barry I appreciate your comments and agree with you. But I am a bit confused by the reference to the 1/2 cent sales tax. Measure K asked for a 1% increase. On another note, as one who attended the meeting, my compliments on your reporting of the meeting. It is fair, accurate and balanced. jude

A ballot measure to increase HMB sales tax?

September 11, 2010
I strongly agree with Barry, and I am neither a socialist nor a Muslim...not that I have a problem with either. But as a resident and business owner in Half Moon Bay I think it would a shame to let this happen to HMB over a 1% increase in sales tax for a seven year period. To Barry's point and that of another poster, the increase in sales tax would not the amount of sales tax a non-resident of HMB would pay on the purchase of a ford from James Ford. Why? Because when an automobile is purchased in…

A ballot measure to increase HMB sales tax?

September 09, 2010
Barry You make an excellent point about the real savings associated with driving over the hill. That is, it would hardly be worth the trouble and would likely end up being a more expensive venture. However, you should note that groceries are exempt from sales tax so there would be no savings, from a reduced sales tax rate, by driving over the hill to purchase groceries. I myself wonder what, if any, the real effect on merchants in HMB would be if the tax if raised by 1%. I suspect the effect would…