Comments by Robert Escamilla

Photos: Red tide at Surfers Beach

August 20, 2009
Interesting that the red tide has recently shown up. Just two days ago, we saw two groups of three dolphins playing along Poplar Beach. They were practically surfing the waves!

Feral ferret in HMB?

July 21, 2009
I've seen them poking their heads in and out of the dirt along the beach trail. When I brought this up with a ranger, she said they weren't uncommon.

Sixteen-year-old killed on Highway 1, just after midnight

May 10, 2009
Oh how terrible! Is there going to be something done in town for the parents?

Cetrella says it’s closing until May

January 06, 2009
while I'm sad the restaurant is temporarily shutting down, I am glad that it will be coming back. I do enjoy stopping by for drinks and good music on the way home.