Comments by Emma Lane

Letter: New veterinarian in town

July 24, 2008
We have had more than one vet for over 25 years. Dr. Susan MacInnes has had her Animal Mobile Veterinary Clinic at 1600 S. Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay for many years now. She has taken excellent care of our dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Her contact information is: Phone: (650) 726-3445 Fax: (650) 726-3219. We are indeed fortunate to have several choices of great doctors for our pets. Thank you, Emma Lane

Researchers map seafloor at Mavericks

April 23, 2007
This is a great addition. Thanks for including this, Barry! Emma

What’s wrong with downtown Half Moon Bay?

March 14, 2007
I agree that there are too many shops that are not really useful for the day to day resident's shopping needs.

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

November 30, 2006
Okay. I think everyone is taking this too far. Let's get off the internet and enjoy our real lives and families. See you all at the night of lights. Emma

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2006
Mr. Parr writes: "Privacy is the goal. Anonymity is the means." I must say that the way things have become in our once nice town, I did not think any one was ever entitles to privacy ever again. With all the Anonymity going around, cowards are entitled to remove one's privacy. Sorry to say, worse to see and believe. Thank you. Emma

Wavecrest resumes farming on Thanksgiving

November 27, 2006
Many Coastside Farmers were planting cover crop these past few days before the predicted rains came. Many more will be doing so as soon as it dries up before the next rains. If anything, this recent activity reinforces that they truly are farming this ground. This is not suspicious. Let's try to keep the faith. Emma Lane