Comments by Ian Butler

PCT could be a breath of fresh air for Coastside TV

April 17, 2011
It was a pleasure to interview Barry on Wavelength, my talk show on PCT. Perhaps someday Wavelength will be available on the Coastside, but in the meantime it is available for viewing at:

Letter: Contrary to claims, Sharp Park is economically viable

May 01, 2009
At the public hearing on June 29th, the Planning Director from the SF Rec and Park Dept. clarified the much debated finances for the golf course. She said the course loses an average of $42,000 every year from the SF General Fund. This does not include money spent from the Open Space Fund, such as the recent $245,000 berm repair. This pales next to the 8 million dollars required to be spent in the next few years on a water reclamation system. (6.9 million by the SF PUC and 1.9 million by the NCCWD)…