Comments by Hester Schell

Call for Entries:  Devil’s Slide Tunnel Vision writers’ project, 11/11/11

October 23, 2010
Thanks for taking a look. Local judges include Eric Shapira, Clifford Hunt, Marc Hershon, Pamela Eakins and Hester Schell. Ann Thomas will chime in from Pacifica, and poet Ethel Mays hails from San Francisco. Film producer Debbie Brubaker will help us out on feature screenplay judging. See the judges profiles at the blogspot. This is going to be an awesome event.

HMB leaders threaten to dissolve city if sales tax fails

September 11, 2010
Man-o-man-o-man am I ever thrilled I sold my HMB condo this summer! I feel bad for anyone with property within the City limits on the market. I hope agents and buyers are doing their homework. I would be very unhappy to be closing on a home, new the area, not know about this, and then really get slapped for moving here.... wow. What a freakin' mess. With the serious potential of liens against property within City limits to cover really bad lawyering... (how on earth could the City have lost this…