Comments by Michael G. Stogner

Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos explains “private” Mavericks Surf Contest meeting

February 22, 2010
Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos ‘When members of the public and/or the media are there typically people won’t be as candid as we need them to be to ensure the debrief is as clear as possible.” debrief |d??br?f| verb [ trans. ] question (someone, typically a soldier or spy) about a completed mission or undertaking : together they debriefed their two colleagues | [as n. ] ( debriefing) during his debriefing, he exposed two Russian spies.

Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos explains “private” Mavericks Surf Contest meeting

February 22, 2010
I have no confidence in Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos as a Law Enforcement Officer for San Mateo County. He knows this because I sent him a certified letter requesting his resignation in March of 2007. I let Carlos know that I could no longer support him as being one of my top law enforcement official from that day forward. I would like to clarify a point here about Operation Dollhouse. "Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos must have felt compromised when he and Sheriff Greg Munks were busted for loitering…

Video: Biologist on endangered species at Sharp Park golf course

January 23, 2010
I'm glad I got to see this video, It is very different than what I have been reading and hearing second hand about. For the record my father used to take me golfing there since I was 7.

MCC Letter to the San Mateo County Charter Review Committee

January 16, 2010
I witnessed this letter being delivered to Michael Murphy that night. I don't know if the Charter Review Committee can also look at our Private Defender Program which is also only in our County, not one of the 57 other Counties have it. Where this becomes a challenge is at the Service League of San Mateo County. google it and look at the Advisory Board. You will find, James P. Fox, Greg Munks, and John Digiacinto (Private Defender) and the Probation Chief are all members. You we also see most of…

A more open process is needed for the county’s Charter Review Commission

January 15, 2010
I attended that meeting, which was not recorded and any minutes or notes will by prepared by Michael Murphy our County Counsel. Not one of the 300 citizens who have completed the SMC CITIZENS ACADEMY is named to this committee. These are people who dedicated 8-12 weeks of their personal time so they could contribute to our County if needed. The public needs to witness this. The next meeting is set for 1/27/10 @ 5PM same location. RESOLUTION NO. _____________ BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, COUNTY OF SAN MATEO,…