Comments by Lisa Maulhardt

Wild cat north of Montara?

October 09, 2011
Not sure, but there was another (?) in the middle of hwy 1 just north of Ocean View Farm in Montara, just before the Slide, on Friday.

Termite Swarmers in Moss Beach

October 14, 2010
We've seen them near our house in ELG, too. Lots of dead ones caught in cobwebs, too.

Power returning to parts of Coastside after one hour outage

December 29, 2009
...and it's back on again. 6:03p.

Power returning to parts of Coastside after one hour outage

December 29, 2009
Power went out at 2:30 in El Granada, back on at 4:15. But just went out again at 5:45. I called the PG&E line (800-743-5002) and they weren't aware of another outage.

Photo: Downed power line blacks out HMB, causes fire

February 08, 2008
Our power went out at 9:45, with a loud boom. (We're in El Granada.) Houses around us were dark, too. 30 seconds later it came back on...sort of--like a brownout. Around 10:30 it went out for good, then came back on at 2:30am. Had no idea there was a fire...yikes.

Letter: What can be done about power outages in Montara?

January 04, 2007
I tend to agree on the underground wiring, Leonard. Last night the electricity went out on our street in El Granada for about 30 seconds. It was the same situation others described: Very light rain, no wind, no sounds of cars crashing into power poles. When I called PG&E to report it the (very pleasant) service rep told me that an animal running across the line can cause this kind of temporary outage. Hmm. Lisa Maulhardt El Granada

Coastsider’s Devil’s Slide coverage

May 30, 2006
My husband and I find ourselves checking Coastsider every day--it's our only reliable source of information about the Slide and how it's affecting our lives and culture here on the coast. We can't thank Barry enough. It's funny how many of our friends who live outside of California are just now learning about it and feel it's important enough to call us to hear our POV; frankly, I can't imagine being interested enough to follow similar news in /their/ hometowns. Regardless, I now send them the link…