Comments by Katharine Weber

Letter: Just a thought

September 05, 2008
I'm always curious about stories like these: if you don't like the sound of airplanes, why did you decide to live near an airport? At Cunha Intermediate School, we get calls every day from people who are unhappy with the sound of dismissal bells, kids making noise, etc. I'm always puzzled why they chose to live right next to a school, if they don't like the sound that schools make. I'm sorry for your discomfort. I used to live near the airport and would run outside every time I heard a plane taking…

Lutherans accepting donations for Labor Day book fair

July 22, 2008
Thanks for posting this, Barry. I'm a member of this Church and the first year we did this book sale, we hoped to make between $300-$500 and we made $3,000!!! It's now our biggest fund raiser, even bigger than the Pumpkin Festival! It's a great way to get rid of all those books and tapes you are tired of lugging around. What makes it work is our volunteers: they organize the books by type (novel, cookbook, children's, etc.) so that when you want to browse, you can go right to the section you are…

Letter: Alternatives to July 4th fireworks?

June 28, 2008
There are so many illegal fireworks and gun discharges in my neighborhood every 4th of July (I live in Arleta Park) that this year I am fleeing to Marin County to spend the night with a friend. My poor dog gets so freaked out by all the illegal fireworks and they are usually the loudest type possible.....nothing pretty about them. I've had it.

Found: Two border collies on Poplar Beach, Weds Oct 3

October 04, 2007
Brain cells connect!! I'll bet they are the two Border Collies owned by the Palladino family who live on Spruce St. They get loose all the time (and have chased me more than once!!). Real escape artists. This is the family that owns the well known painting company. Call them and see if something isn't missing from their back yard.

Found: Two border collies on Poplar Beach, Weds Oct 3

October 03, 2007
Well, then the only thing I can suggest is to take them to the Humane Society. If I lost my dog, that's the first place I would go to look. You can ask them to tell you before they euthanize them, in which case you could take them back and contact the Border Collie Rescue Group as a last resort. Or...put a notice in the HMB Review as well as here. You sound like a good dog person....I hope the Border Collies are treating you well.

Found: Two border collies on Poplar Beach, Weds Oct 3

October 03, 2007
Check with the Main St. Vet. They probably know who they belong to and they might be microchipped. Katharine Weber

Cunha returns to old schedule, cancels buses

September 12, 2006
As an employee of the School District, I long for the "good old days" when we had buses. But I was alway startled when I went to County Office of Education events and the issue of buses would come up and inevitably I got the response: "You still have buses?? We lost our buses ten years ago!!". I guess we were one of the last districts in San Mateo County to offer free busing. And yes, I agree that Sam Trans needs to step up to the plate and offer more buses.

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