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Sheriff’s report: Mar 12 to 14

March 26, 2014
Forgot to mention, we had to find out the facts from the Coastsider Police report. After reading the particulars, we can rest a little easier. Thank you Coastsider.

Letter: Please help us keep Moss Beach safe

March 26, 2014
Last time a deputy (Joseph Cridado) asked me to take a photo of a bus driver who verbally assaulted me on Main and 8th in Montara, the same 17 line bus driver ambushed me a block from our home, and this time physically assaulted me. I incurred > $17,000 in hospital bill, and am still receiving physical therapy. I suggest anyone trying to the job a police officer should be doing, do so with extreme caution, as if things go array, the coastside sheriffs substation will leave you to hang you out to…

Sheriff’s report: Mar 12 to 14

March 26, 2014
Two of my neighbors told me that there was a forceful breaking and entry, during day light hours, into a private residence on Main street in Montara. When my wife and I called the local police department to find out if the person or persons were apprehended, we were told that an officer would get back to us, but no one called. After calling 3 times during the week, we gave up. Not sure why the police behave this way when they are suppose to serve and protect the safety of our community. Guess we're…

Video: Coasting Devil’s Slide

March 25, 2014
Looks good. Thank you for the preview. I noticed that the traffic signal at the south end of the tunnel has been red a few times, and the traffic in the tunnel in not use to stopping. Be on the look out for stopped traffic in the tunnel is all I'll say. Have fun.

Nice to have Coastsider back!

March 11, 2014
Thank you Barry for keeping the Coastsider a float! :0)

SamTrans adds Montara to Coastside route

December 30, 2012
Here is the new proposed 2013- 17 (temp) route and time schedule, which isn't really much different and will go into effect on 1/13/13. I'll still experience 25 buses a day passing in front of our home; and some of you will too. For those of you who dislike the 17 & 17L buses on your streets, this is the time to speak out. Please make your concerns made known.…

SamTrans adds Montara to Coastside route

December 29, 2012
Clarification; on 12/26/12 the operator was driving bus #2900. It is the same driver that is pictured above driving #2901 the next day - 12/27/12 passing by our home again.

SamTrans adds Montara to Coastside route

December 29, 2012
Follow Up - New Physical Assault Case # 12-9046 On 12/26/12, at approximately 3:17pm, I was physically assaulted and injured by this Sam Trans / AV Transportation operator on Main Street nearest 6th Street and the Montara Post Office. The operator of bus 2901 struck me in the temple with my dslr, and then he pummeled me with several punches to the face. While he was physically assaulting me, he was telling me that he's going to kill me. Earlier that day, the same driver past our home while he was…

SamTrans adds Montara to Coastside route

December 22, 2012
I'd like to know too? Should you ever find out please let me know. As many of my neighbors and I are being disturbed by these behemoths and reckless drivers they have on this line. While many have contacted the BOD, Sam Trans is quick to defend the line and their idiot drivers. They've effectively turned Montara into a bus depot where drivers can run amuck without consequences. Even if they kill or injure a pedestrian, they go to arbitration and put the driver back on the job. htttp://…

Now Is The Time To Make Your Voice Heard Too

November 11, 2012
HERE IS A NEW LINK TO ROUTE 17 SAM TRANS VIDEO and OFFICIALS TO CONTACT: Description: Driver's behaving noisily, speeding, running stop sign, etcetera, along route 17 in Montara. Sam Trans moves in and takes away public access, pollutes in more ways than one, is discourteous and deliberate. Any complaints can be addressed to Mark Simon - SMCTD Exec. Off. for Public Affairs: 650.508.6340 and Lt. O'Brien 650.622.8045 Sam Trans Transit Authority. Thanks for…

video: short excerpts GGNRA meeting 9/10/12 in Montara re: Rancho Corral de Tierra

October 31, 2012
Terrific coverage and footage. Thank you for your efforts. I was unable to attend, and am glad we had a good turn out; and the GGNRA's ear too. Thanks again.

MCC moves forward with incorporation/annexation study

September 05, 2011
" a letter sent to county supervisors late last month, MCC noted that circumstances have changed since that study was prepared. Substantially higher property values resulting in higher property tax collection, a larger population and transient occupancy tax revenues from the Oceano Hotel are factors that warrant a review." I find this statement confusing. While property values are most likely higher than they were in 1998, I thought tax revenues were down along with home sales; and what about…

MCC moves forward with incorporation/annexation study

September 04, 2011
Well I can see we have some of the same tastes for music....

MCC moves forward with incorporation/annexation study

September 02, 2011
"An independent midcoast citizen organization not afraid to employ legal remedies could be another possibility for being heard over our self-assigned political masters. Support for their independence and strengthing of the local districts we do control, notably MWSD and GSD, are also important for keeping the idea of democratic self-determination alive." There's a lot of power your statement/s. While it may be bitter medicine for the BOS and other self interests to hear this, it's what has been keeping…

MCC moves forward with incorporation/annexation study

September 01, 2011
WOW: A lot to digest. Okay: I'm done digesting. Now, I think I have a sick feeling in my stomach :0( How come nobody's talking about this? It seems like we should all be letting new Supervisor who took over Rich Gordon's post how we feel about this subject. I was thinking about starting with April Vargas or the likes to get some lawn signs up. I may be getting anxious over nothing, as the HMBR states that it's allows for a "study" to go forward. Either that, or it was those 36 episodes of the "Deadwood"…

Letter: Heroes are listed alphabetically in Montara

March 13, 2009
Glad to hear you're still alive.

Letter: Coastal Commission recommendation for Midcoast plan needs your support

March 09, 2009
Being that I just saw this post this morning, and missing the deadline, my question may be moot (since it is too late for me to respond one way or the other). But, I am interested to learn if there was a consensus of the MCC Board Members relating to the above recommendations or what the board stance(s) are/were on this topic?

CalTrans update on Tunnels and other Hwy 1 issues, at MCC Wednesday

March 02, 2009
Does anyone know if there is video of the MCC/CalTrans meeting on the web? I can't seem to locate any on, or sites....

GGNRA holding open house on management plan today

June 06, 2008
I would appreciate it if somebody who attended this GGNRA meeting please provide the Coastsider board some commentary? I think this is too important of a meeting for the Montara community to be left in the dark. Thank you. Also, I am wondering, now that Prop O passed, how this Measure may or may not tie into the GGNRA plan if at all? Should anybody have some clear insight rather than speculation to provide the Coastsider board, it would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you.

GGNRA holding open house on management plan today

June 05, 2008
Was this announcement made on the Coastsider prior to the day of this meeting? I did not receive the PEPC newsletter mailing that was suppose to go out in mid May.

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