Comments by John Leads

Video:  Tour Caltrans’s wetlands restoration in Montara

May 03, 2006
Huge kudos to Darin and Barry for providing these videos. For those of us who work over the hill, and can't make these meetings, tours, and local events, the videos provide insight that we would never have on important local events. The videos are well edited, and very informative. Thank you both for the time and work you've put into this effort. Without Coastsider, I would have no objective view into any of these important local projects. One question - where is the $2 million coming from? I assume…

Landslide cuts communication to the Coastside

April 24, 2006
Time for a reality check. The REVIEW? Good name for the paper since most of what they do is review old dated news and post recycled releases on the web site! MCTV? If it's not a city council meeting from three weeks ago, forget it! The ONLY reason I had any information is because my Coastsider news alert was forwarded to my blackberry during a brief moment of cell activity. Do any of the staff of the Review or MCTV actually live here on the coast so that they know what's going on over the weekends?…

Opinion: One step at a time

May 03, 2006
I have to say I agree with three of Mr. Johnson's points. 1 - the current board members have not been good fiscal agents of the money they had 2 - Bussing is clearly not a priority for the current board, and 3 - before I back "S" or any other parcel tax designating funds to the school, I want to be assured of direct accountability and measurable outcomes, not just vague promises.

Opinion: One step at a time

April 21, 2006
I think Darin's idea is an excellent one. If emergency funding is available to supplement the bus program, why not keep it in place so that the benefits can be felt by the community. All the posturing after the fact by the school board feels like protection of the new parcel tax. I agree with Mr. Lundell that they missed an excellent opportunity to show commitment, AND insure passage of Measure S by including transportation. Ms. Epps "hindsight" comment that if we had known "that Devil’s Slide…

Traffic is flowing well Monday morning

April 19, 2006
When was the decision made not to put bussing on the Parcel tax? I'll assume that was before the slide went out? How can CUSD not be concerned when it is obvious that the lack of bussing is what is causing the majority of the congestion in the morning? Can we get transportation added back into the parcel tax they are proposing, and if not, when can we get one proposed? Importantly, when is the next election for CUSD board members?

Traffic is flowing well Monday morning

April 17, 2006
As I stood in the Half Moon Bay Post office this morning, waiting to mail my taxes, all the buzz was around the fact that, clearly, the majority of the traffic problem is attributable to the fact that we have no school bussing. I can't imagine there is any other reasonable explanation. Is the school committed to these buses for the entire length of time that the slide is out, or at least until summer break?

Caltrans will blast loose debris from the cliffs early next week

April 08, 2006
I agree. I can't tell you how gratefull I am that we have you to document "beyond the barrier" of what is happening on the slide. I'm not sure that CalTrans understands how difficult it is out here, and it's made so much worse by the lack of information. I'm also dissapointed the coverage by the Half Moon Bay Review. After three days, I've quit going to their web site since everything I need and more is at Coastsider. Barry, Darin and Cheri - Great job!

Must-See MCTV: City Council détente breaks down

February 22, 2006
I've been out of the country for a few months and returned today in time to catch the city council meeting. It made me want to catch the next plane back out of the country. What happened that night was an appalling breach of trust and will clearly set the tone going forward (or perhaps backwards?). Bonnie McClung is either a hapless pawn, beaten into submission for past sins of compromise or simply has no personal sense of integrity. The entire meeting smacked of set-up, from the hooting juvenile…

Some Coastsiders get to make larger political contributions than others

November 08, 2005
Brian - I'm certain that I didn't call you out specifically, but interesting that you decided it was in reference to you, as it wasn't. Frankly, given some of the accusations, I'm surprised that Barry let's anyone post on his site anymore. I have much admiration for his restraint in dealing with much of what goes on in the comments section. Thanks Barry for provided the much needed forum, and for putting up with the antics that arise from time to time. Let's all try not to drive our one decent media…

Some Coastsiders get to make larger political contributions than others

November 08, 2005
May I just say that I find it interesting that a number of folks posting on the site only started posting in time for the election, and I'm willing to bet they will drop off within hours of the results this evening. The sudden flurry of "passionate" postings (every 15 minutes or so?) differs substantially from the pre-election give and take that is usually found on this site from a variety of informed citizens. A number of people truly vested in the future of the coast, and truly involved daily in…

Naomi Patridge mistakenly claims Supervisor Rich Gordon’s endorsement

November 06, 2005
I have to agree that someone running for city council should certainly have major endorsements locked down and in writing. Add to that the "mis-communication" with Gordon and its not an impressive skill set for a politician. It seems as if Ken and Barry spent more time verifying endorsements than Ms. Patridge. Again, not so much a case of misrepresentation, as sloppy follow-up and record-keeping.

Naomi Patridge mistakenly claims Supervisor Rich Gordon’s endorsement

November 04, 2005
Isn't there some type of process or oversight for endorsements? I would assume that, much like campaign contributions, a candidate would get an endorsement in writing. Especially a candidate who runs a full page ad focusing on those very endorsements!

Lawsuits were a big theme at Tuesday’s debate

October 31, 2005
First of all, I wouldn't judge a site by a few of the posters. Keep in mind that many others are reading and not "joining in". Barry Parr, the owner of the sight is always thoughtful, and importantly, factual. You might also keep in mind that you ask the question, "why shouldn't Pacific Ridge been approved" that you may actually get a variety of answers. Calling ldw a piece of work only fuels the fire. is the only fair media outlet we have here on the coast, and I appreciate having…

Windshield-smashing rhetoric

October 21, 2005
It is no wonder that good, qualified candidates are hard to find on the coast. Who would want to expose their family to this type of abuse?

Coastsider endorses Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner

October 21, 2005
Perhaps the reason why the response seems to be directed towards George Muteff is that "HMB Ranger" is spewing the same rhetoric. Anyone else wonder who is behind the “ranger” mask? I applaud Barry for his thoughtful, even-handed response. However “Ranger”, I do agree with you on one point – we certainly do know Naomi’s politics and track record. Out of control, developer friendly growth. Thanks, but I for one will pass.

Guess who’s back? Students visit Cunha to get class assignments

August 30, 2005
I'm impressed! If this is an example of Cunha's students, we should all be proud. I too hope that you, and other students will continue to contribute to Coastsider. It is nice to hear from an articulate, intelligent young lady.

Coastsider interviews the guy who writes the Review’s editorial corrections

August 23, 2005
So when will Debra God(complex)shall and Clay Lamb (to-slaughter)bert review themselves with the same enthusiasm they misdirect towards the city council? I've been reading Coastsider for months, and registered today so that I can say, "well done" Barry, and I'm glad we have someone asking all the right questions. Answers? I'll eat my hat if you ever get better than, "we stand by......."