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Coastside Fire Protection District candidate forum Thursday Feb 14th.

February 20, 2013
so is this discussion on February 14 or March 14? we do need this recall election, Half MOON BAY cannot afford a 'stand alone' fire district neither do our neighbors to the north or south...

Did not realize I was posting it so many time sorry bout computer was acting up... BUT MIGHT AS WELL SAY IT AGAIN GO VOTE TODAY TUESDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2010 POLLS OPEN 7AM TO 8PM VOTE NO ON 23 IT IS NOT CREATING JOBS IT IS WEAKENING OUR PROTECTIONS ON THE PRECIOUS ENVIRONMENT... VOTE YES ON 19,20,21,22,24,25,26,27 Thanks.. P.A.Chimienti

Special Olympic Basketball Tourney

February 27, 2010
Try this link if the other does not work....

Album: Help us build our Big Wave photo album

September 28, 2009
Hey Barry, My daughter is handicapped and has helped with the 'Big Wave' yearly fund raiser during 'pumpkin time' on the Coastside. One of the 'parents' also has a 'special child' and is the developer or a major player in the development team. I thought at first no way could they just be doing 'housing' for special needs adults but I figured OKAY it is possible they are doing what is good for those in need. But I should have listened to myself in the first place. All I see from these simulations…

Cunha returns to old schedule, cancels buses

September 12, 2006
Nothing worse than seeing the kids hanging out waiting a long time for a samtran at city hall, at Adcock, at Albertsons (especially now that it is empty). When the school district did provide bus service, which by the way ended abruptly after one of many 'tax' measures failed, it was not free. Each rider had to pay a fee which was not inexpensive considering what it was. I looked up the expenditures for Cabrillo for pupil transportation & supplies (code #4600) and Transportation salaries (code #2600)…

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 12, 2006
Hello This is Pat Chimienti. I drove down Seymore this morning and all of wave crest from the grove of trees to Hwy 1 has been disked. I watched for a moment to see the mist rising from the cut earth. I wonder however if seed or cement will be planted.

Will Wavecrest be disked over the long weekend?

September 06, 2006
This morning i received a call from barb. I then went to Wavecrest via Seymore and yes the dust was flying due to the disking. At the end of Seymore were the 'rent a cop' wannabes there to keep people off of the land. I took pictures of the activities and then got Scott Singer. We went out together parking at Smith fields we walked over to the areas being disked. We tried to get in front of the tractor but each time the tractor turned another direction. Is this the way a farmer usually prepares land?…

Opinion:  Tell the county about pumpkin patch traffic on Hwy 92 before Wednesday

August 22, 2006
Hello. My name is Pat Chimienti I live in HMB and with the traffic during the times mentioned above, both of which are in October. There are no controls between the pedestrian and vehicle traffic between the two farms on the highway. Why not? The farms do not hurt from the fact that 'slowed' traffic can and do become 'customers' especially with those drivers that no longer want to wait in line. And I am sure the one farm does not mind the 'flow over' of customers from the other. But what is bad is…

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 07, 2006
I shopped at Albertson's and will miss them...I won't shop SW ....I guess it will be Cunha...

Coastsider endorses Measure S

June 05, 2006
Taken from In a nut shell teachers salaries on the rise, per student revenues on the rise, expenses (mostly salaries) on the rise, attendance declining... consider this before voting. NO on $ P.A. Chimienti ***************************************** Annual Teacher Salary Trends Cabrillo Unified (CDS Code 68890) Annual Teacher Salary trend options: Note: Average is based on actual salaries paid; lowest and highest are as offered on salary schedule; BA plus 60 is offered…

Coastsider endorses Measure S

May 10, 2006
Please read the text of the measure before you vote. I did and here is what I found out... AS reads the text of the measure... An exemption shall be granted on any parcel owned by one or more persons aged 65 years or older as of July 1 of any applicable tax year who occupies said parcel as a principal residence, upon annual application for exemption. So, if you apply and get an exemption the first year you will have to do it each year of the lenght of the assementment otherwise YOU WILL PAY IT..…

League for Coastside Protection endorses parcel tax

May 03, 2006
This shows the General fund (revenues and expenses) for the latest year 2004-2005. One can check prior years as well. Note how much is spent on salaries and benefits for such a small district compared to others. Then check out books and supplies versus what other districts average.... ------------------------ The per student trend since 1995-96 is below (copy/paste) This is the amount the…

League for Coastside Protection endorses parcel tax

May 03, 2006
Oh no....The school district gets 1/3 of the property tax dollars off of the top (the cream as it were). Every time a house is sold for more money the more money the school district gets for the property. Each year the property taxes are increased for all properties and the school district gets the benefit. The money they get has to be accounted for and budgeted. This additional measure 'bond' money can be spent without the usual checks and balances, that is why the district wants it so badly. What…

With one precinct left, no further change in standings, but more challenged ballots

December 20, 2005
Can you explain how the challenged ballots are handled? We need to have common sense, honesty, integrity and Mike returned to the city council. Pat Chimienti

Half Moon Bay recount begins Monday morning; and a lesson about headline-writing

December 12, 2005
Ha, the Review. I still have to laugh when the Review used the word 'miracle' when the results of the provisional/absentee ballots were announced. And there it is a sign from above. Accept it, believe it. Honestly, I refuse to waste my money subscribing to the Review. The only way to correct this type of journalism is to stop subscribing to it. Pat Chimienti

Mike Ferreira asks for recount

December 06, 2005
Is there someone or somewhere one can go to get some questions answered? The absentee ballots should have been counted before the election because they were due before, but I guess voters were allowed to bring them into the polling places for consideration. How many of this type of absentee voter were there? Was the percentage of 'at the ballot absentees' within the average per past elections or more during this particular election? The provisional votes? Explain again please what type of person…

Lawsuits were a big theme at Tuesday’s debate

October 27, 2005
I am voting Ferreira, Grady, and Skinner on November 8. Naomi can't fill Mike's shoes and will only interrupt the business of a council that is good for HMB. Heck, even the REVIEW dropped George 'what is his last name again?' and Bonnie MC Who? Yes on O & P. Pat Chimienti

CUSD site committee: Cunha is half the price, and twice as fast

October 07, 2005
IT is as though a weight has been lifted...Cunha was and is the only choice. It will secure downtown HMB's future. Now let's get this job done, because it is 'for the kids', of course not mine anymore as my 6th grader will be out of middle school before '09. Please keep Wavecrest open and natural. Pat Chimienti

Anonymous benefactor is funding CUSD parcel tax survey

September 22, 2005
Parcel taxes -- what does the CUSD think, fifth time a charm? 1/3 of my tax dollars goes right off the top to the school district. I pay a tidy amount of taxes and I know my 'newer' neighbors pay much more. (Check the sale prices of houses lately?) Every year the amount of monies to the school district from taxes has been increasing, daily per student allotment is now up to $25, compared to last year's which was about $23. The last anonymous donor for the parcel tax special election 'confessed' to…