Comments by Mary Berg

Coastside fireworks cancelled

July 05, 2006
Well, that was a really bright decision. What the cancellation did was create a further hole in the coastside economy. I have been here for 16 Fourth of July celebrations, and I have never seen less excitement and less people. And less people means less Coastside revenue. In a time when the Coastside is suffering its own economic downturn due to the slide closure, a handful of people decided to make the decision to make the Coastside feel more isolated and less attractive than ever. Even New Orleans…

Photo: Almost to the edge of the known world

May 19, 2006
We nearly fell over laughing last night when we saw this last night. Just add "here be dragons" and we would have a map reference just like the edge of the Earth did on the old Mariner's maps. For those of you prefer it in Latin, Hic sunt dracones... courtesy of Caltrans, the Mother of Dragons...

Devil’s Slide will be open in late September, says Caltrans

May 19, 2006
I have heard that there is not adequate ventilation planned for the size of the tunnels. This comment came to be via a environmental engineer that has no stake in the coastside whatsoever... Any comments? As for planning for a road which will last 15 years, hurray for CalTrans... planning for something that long might mean that CalTrans can make it last the duration of the tunnel construction which is certainly like to be longer than any of us can imagine at this point.