Comments by Linda Rutherford

Video: A visit to the mysterious, forbidden Farallon Islands

July 12, 2007
Excellent video. Twenty years ago, I went there on a 36 foot sailboat in a local race. Looks like not much has changed and that is good. We were too busy setting the spinnaker to get a good look. Thanks.

Letter: House exceeds height limit in Montara

July 08, 2007
Darin, I think you are right when you say, "Perhaps Mr. Nelson, the builder, did not "step down" his lot as he should have..." The house immediately to the West (on Tamarind Street) is two levels with steps down to the front living room. By using a split level foundation, the builder of this other house, followed the natural contours of the lot. Too bad that was not done. Instead, this builder used the highest point of the lot as a baseline and added dirt before starting to build, in order to change…

Letter: House exceeds height limit in Montara

May 29, 2007
For the last several decades at 1050 Acacia Street, there was a simple one-story building with an ample backyard and many tall trees. It was torn down and in its place two large two-story buildings with minimal backyards (denuded of prior trees) are planned. This building is just the first of the two. The square footage of the two homes vastly exceeds what was previously on this site. The Coastside has a design review process for the construction of new homes that has been formalized and can be quite…

Backgrounder: The Quarry vote in Pacifica

August 22, 2006
This last Sunday night, we drove by this site and smelled a sewage odor. And the same odor has occurred on other drives through this area. I find it hard to image that someone would want to build homes in this area. I don't know the reason for the odor, but it would seem undesirable if it were around my home. Do vents from the sewage treatment plant sometimes vent odor as a part of their processing systems? Linda Rutherford

Video:  Tour Caltrans’s wetlands restoration in Montara

May 11, 2006
I live a few blocks from the newly created Montara wetlands. When it was "dry" land, I hiked through the area every evening. Now that the area has been changed, I am wondering about the water that will be in the big hole that was created. What will be the source of fresh water flow for this wetland? Will this water drain through a pipe under Highway 1, down to the ocean? Or will this water be stagnant, non-flowing water? Since mosquitoes breed in standing stagnant water, I am wondering what will…