Comments by Jeremy Ortega

Devil’s Slide to reopen August 4

July 21, 2006
I think a block party north of Montara is an excellent idea. How about the evening of Aug. 3rd everybody bring something to share. Think about it we've all been in this together so why not celebrate together. I hope to see everybody there.

Landslide cuts communication to the Coastside

April 24, 2006
I am amazed at how dependant everyone has become to cell phones, the internet, and cable TV. I understand how important it is to be able to communicate. But we are dealing with mother nature and man made materials don't forget mother nature will always prevail no matter how hard we try to work agents her. The issue with 911 is one that might need to be rethought but we as individuals need to take some responsibility and learn basic first aid, CPR and keep good first aid kit in our homes and cars.…