Comments by Lori Jesper

Should TalkAbout continue to allow anonymous postings?

November 20, 2007
The “Comments” areas of any online publication do not represent journalism. I agree wholeheartedly that the Talkabout section on the Review’s website has deteriorated in one giant piefight. That’s happening everywhere. Across the board in the “Blogosphere” you will find that the comment areas, unless heavily moderated, remain nothing but the playground of blowhards and bored teenagers. The journalism happens within the stories themselves. Moreover, your average…

Quarry developer’s PR company may be “astroturfing” Pacifica mailing list

August 29, 2006
This is hilarious. Barry - great reporting on this one. The guy obviously had nothing to say for himself. People like that stop at nothing. It reminds me of this skit I saw on Mr. Show where a long time local grocery stored gets smeared in ads by an incoming chain. They say things like, "Your child won't get abducted in our store like those other grocery stores." Yes, I think the entire community of Pacifica should be VERY concerned about all those people from Montana coming here and ruining everything.…

Un Dia Sin Immigrantes (A Day Without Immigrants)

May 04, 2006
Say Jim, after posting a list like that, you may want to check with Napoleon Dynamite to see if he can get Pedro to offer you some protection. You may need it. ;-) Here are some facts: 1. 100% of those born in and still living in the United States have 0% of an idea of what it's like to live as an illegal immigrant. 2. Nearly almost entirely of a large percentage all of studies misrepresent data according to the point of view of who they receive funding from. 3. Roughly 70% of all commercials on…