Comments by Catherine Peery

Local ham radio operators hone emergency communication skills           

June 16, 2006
Great news and very timely. The Pescadero Emergency Preparedness Committee has just finished installing a repeater on the top of Butano Ridge at Fogline Nursery, and all 78 of the local hams can speak to eachother, even those in deep canyons, like Butano and Loma Mar. Two year's of effort were required, and special thanks should go to Roy Brixen, Lary Lawson and Geoff Allen. Roy and Lary have been very involved in the CERT teams (emergency response) on the Coast, and Geoff donated the site. Catherine…

MROSD splits the coastside between two wards

November 11, 2004
I think the idea of two coastside wards probably benefits the Coastside, because the North and South along the coast have very different problems and agendas, and because if we ever get to the planning stages of new trails, which are most likely to be from Skyline to the Sea, the wards will contain all those affected by a particular proposal.

Los Pueblecitos supporters are circulating petitions

September 03, 2004
As an unbucolic Pescaderan, I oppose the Pueblecitos initiative for very practical reasons. The area has no sense of community or connection, it has a miniscule tax base which would result in a loss of the county's services without a corresponding and requisite replacement of services by this impoverished "town", and there would be a real disconnect between the rural agricultural community of Pescadero, which is working hard to work with the County and State on flooding issues, town planning, and…

Santa Cruz county proposes trucking garbage though coastside parks

September 03, 2004
The Santa Cruz Public Workers Department removed these two proposed sites from consideration last night, per John Wade, who attended the hearing.