Comments by Raina Schally

MROSD announces photo contest winners

June 13, 2011
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these.

Photos: Tsunami at Princeton and Mavericks

March 16, 2011
Very interesting -- thank you for sharing this!

The new Flavor restaurant in El Granada

January 08, 2011
While the overall rating of a restaurant on Yelp can be helpful, it doesn't tell the whole story. I have read two-star ratings given by people who were angry because they showed up late for their reservation and couldn't be accommodated to their satisfaction. I also saw a five-star rating of a local restaurant that was clearly written by someone who hadn't eaten there (the restaurant hadn't even opened yet). Our family had dinner at Flavor last week. Overall, it was good. It's a new restaurant, so…

Coastside Farmers’ Market closes its year, Saturday

December 20, 2010
Agreed! I love the Coastside Farmers' Markets, and I sure miss them in the off season. Thanks for another great year, Erin!

Cub scouts clean up Moss Beach Park

October 22, 2010
Wow, great work, everyone! Thank you for making the Coastside a nicer place.

Ballot Pamphets Available for Checkout from the Library

October 11, 2010
Thank you! I'll keep this in mind, since I was one of many on the coast who did not receive a guide in the mail last time around. Has anyone out there received theirs yet?

Why I’m running for Harbor Commissioner

August 26, 2010
Whew! Thank goodness for democracy! If Sabrina (or any other newcomer) is elected, would 18 years be long enough to wait before she/they would be "allowed" to share a good idea with the Commission?

Photo: Backyard hummingbird nest in Montara

June 11, 2010
Great photo!

References for insulation services anyone?

May 25, 2010
Kay, Last year we contracted with Recurve (though they were called Sustainable Spaces at the time). You can find some info on them at We are very pleased with the work done. They are based in San Francisco -- I don't know if that counts as "local"! Good luck.

Play Montara’s “Guess the number of Power Outages” this week.

January 18, 2010
Can El Granada play, too? We mostly have overhead power lines. Our power went out just once today (so far), which I consider a minor miracle.

Photos: Great horned owls at Cañada Cove

November 25, 2009
Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them.

Results for California Coastal Clean Up Day

September 21, 2009
Wow, that's a lot of trash. A big thanks to all of you for making Montara beach a cleaner place!

Letter: HMB’s new intersection: progress, my eye!

August 05, 2008
I hope the city got a lot of calls about this lane change. It was a very bad idea. Cars exiting the shopping center and going left (North) on Hwy 1 do not need to pause for oncoming traffic, so the original configuration of the dual-purpose left lane was better. I avoided this exit yesterday and found the other exit (at Hwy1/Main Street) was more crowded as well. This change makes me much less likely to use the Strawflower shopping center in the future.

Gay wedding business opens on the Coastside

July 21, 2008
I have to ask Mr. Fernandez what he means by "if they do it in front of my child..." I mean, I think I know what he's talking about, but I have never been to a wedding ceremony where contact went any farther at the altar than a simple kiss. Do you really think a same-sex ceremony is going to be so different?

HMB Safeway isn’t as expensive as you think, but it’s no bargain

June 04, 2008
Thanks for a great article! Cheri, I agree with your comments about self-service bagging at Safeway. If there are any Pak-N-Saves left, I wonder how their prices would compare? If we're not getting baggers at Safeway, shouldn't we be paying (at least a little) less for groceries? Most Safeway employees are very nice, but there simply aren't enough checkers or baggers. Thank goodness the Farmer's Market is back! Now, THAT is a pleasant place to shop. I'd buy all my groceries there if I could.

School garden program is under financial threat

January 29, 2008
I am one of the HEAL instructors at El Granada and I'm also a parent of a child at the school. We just began our first week of instruction. The students are genuinely excited to have the opportunity to grow and eat their own fresh vegetables and fruits. I certainly hope the program can continue. It has been so much fun working with the kids. Just to clarify one error from the original article: the instructional portion of the program is geared towards second graders in the spring and third graders…

Album:  Farallone View Halloween Parade 2007

November 01, 2007
Great photos! The "raccoon in the garbage can" is one of the most original and clever costumes I have seen in a long time. Excellent work!

Letter: Plug-in Prius comes to the Coastside Eco-Energy Expo and Solar Home Tour

September 14, 2007
Thank you for the information! I'm looking forward to this event.

Letter: What can be done about power outages in Montara?

January 07, 2007
I have heard that it's not possible to install underground lines on the coastside, due to the high water table. Can anyone verify this? I'm certainly not an expert on these matters. Raina Schally El Granada

Albertsons closing in HMB

June 07, 2006
I agree with Tina and Lisa's comments about Safeway (above). Most of the staff members there are professional and nice. However, there aren't enough of them. If I wanted to bag my own grocieries, I'd go to Pack-N-Save. I love the selection at Cunha's Market, but I'd go broke if I did all of my shopping there. That said, I'd be thrilled if we got a Trader Joe's in town. If that can't happen, a movie theatre would be great, too.