Comments by Donald Graham

Gray Squirrels on the Coastside?

October 25, 2010
Bruce and Deb, squirrels over the years have adapted to a more urban environment (think fuzzy rats) where larger vermin like raccoons, opossums, and skunks have been eliminated. There have always been squirrels on the coastside but larger animals have kept their numbers down. The rise in squirrel sightings on the coastside can be attributed to a fall in the number of larger vermin who have filled that particular niche in our environment. Just another sign that our community is becoming more urbanized.

Mavericks is on for Saturday

February 11, 2010
There goes the neighborhood. Note to self, attempt only right turns onto Highway 1 on Saturday.

Opinion: SamTrans sneaks bus route onto Montara neighborhood streets

July 06, 2007
Please realize that this is the 17 bus, not the 294. The difference is in the fact that the 17 is a modified passenger van versus the fullsize city bus that the 294 is. I have already come up against the 17 on Sunshine Valley road and on 6th street. I did not have to move over any more for the bus than I already do for the Hummers, Escalades, and Expeditions that patrol our neighborhoods. In fact, the driver of the 17 actually pulled over to allow me to pass on 6th street, unlike any of the drivers…

Photos: California red-legged frog in Montara

May 20, 2007
Hypothetically speaking (remember this only might occur, it hasn't "really" happened, so don't get any ideas) let's say I find a red-legged frog in my backyard pond. Am I supposed to contact anyone? Would a discovery like that bring a stop to any planned construction near my house? Would my lot become a nature preserve? Would I be able to cut weeds down in my own yard? Would it allow me to shoot those pesky raccoons that knock over my trash cans in order to protect Connor (not that we have hypothetically…

Video: Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo

February 17, 2007
I must have been confused and clicked on the wrong video. I thought I was clicking on the Planning Commission video. But there was that part with everyone lying around doing nothing until a few members of the crowd decided to stand up, make a lot of noise, and bang heads without accomplishing anything. Then again, maybe that WAS the Planning Commission in action....

Coastsiders working to save local coffee and chai shop from replacement by chain

February 03, 2007
How about proposing a ban on all drive-thrus in HMB? Years ago the city of San Luis Obispo banned all drive-thrus (banks and fast-food) because of the environmental damage caused by the exhaust of idling cars. Is the weather ever so bad you can't park and walk in? This may work in discouraging any more crappy fast-food restaurants from opening in HMB. Did anyone point out to Keet that the KFC up the road in Pacifica is closed because they did no business?

Letter: What can be done about power outages in Montara?

January 08, 2007
Unless you live in an all-new development having underground utilities to every new house doesn't help much. Our house is hooked up to underground utilities. Unfortunately, they come underground from the pole across the street that was here before my house was built. So I don't have to worry about a tree falling on the wires to my house, just the wires that run to the pole across the street from my house. If you have talked to PG&E about putting your utilities underground, the cost runs into the…

Letter: Sign and distribute a petition to Trader Joe’s

June 25, 2006
All this back and forth about Trader Joe's is getting tiresome. The only issue that TJ is looking at is numbers. Like how many potential shoppers they could draw to their store. Let's say there are 20 thousand people on the coastside out of that maybe 12 thousand are potential shoppers. They will figure in that maybe 4 thousand are loyal shopppers at Safeway and Cunha's. That means their customer base would be around 8 thousand POTENTIAL customers. Have any of you seen a Trader Joes in a community…

Measure S loses with 61% of the vote

June 08, 2006
Where can I find precinct-by-precinct breakdown of voting results for Measure S? I am interested to see if the support is even across the board or if some parts of the coastside are more supportive of a parcel tax than others.