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Get the Latest on Medicare at HMB Library, Nov 17 & 21

November 03, 2011
Somebody please correct the typo in the headline..... please....

Fire safety concerns for properties bordering open spaces in the Midcoast

September 14, 2011
Bill, you do great work -- thanks for keeping us all in the loop and organizing these meetings!

Fire safety concerns for properties bordering open spaces in the Midcoast

September 13, 2011
Coral Reef + Clipper Ridge = Coral Ridge? :)

Take a minute to answer HMB’s downtown survey

April 21, 2011
It's easy to get confused; so many of our places have several names. They also confused the town of Princeton (west side of 1, hugging the harbor) with the El Granada neighborhood of Princeton-by-the-Sea (east side of 1, not exactly by-the-Sea), aka Clipper Ridge. And hey, are those the Mavericks bluffs, or Pillar Point bluffs, or Seal Cove bluffs, or.... I kinda like the idea of living in a community called Other (Please Specify).

MCC committee on Rancho Corral de Tierra, Monday, Feb 21

February 19, 2011
Thanks for calling this meeting! Hoping there'll be a good turnout, even with the short notice. FYI, "Corral Ridge" should be "Clipper Ridge". Cheers, Risa

GGNRA plans to ban all dogs from Rancho Corral de Tierra;  Protest meeting Saturday

January 24, 2011
There's a map of the affected area in this San Mateo County Times article: The land extends to the El Granada Highlands neighborhood. If you access Rancho trails from the end of Almeria, Coral Reef, or any of the access points behind Clipper Ridge, you're affected. I agree with Bill's comments, too. We'd like to work cooperatively with GGNRA and would be happy to abide by reasonable rules. Risa

re: feral ferret sighting letter of July 20

July 26, 2009
Hi, Agreed that the ferret-like critters are probably long-tailed weasels, which are native to our area. Weasels look similar to ferrets and are often confused with them. In addition to the site posted by Michael Watson, you can try this one, from Ferrets Anonymous:

Letter: Grow your own (veggies I mean)

March 22, 2009
Just a few thoughts on this... Going into the garden and picking something to go with a meal is a great feeling. If you choose the right veggie varieties (types that are adapted to a cool, marine climate like ours), as Terri says, you can have fresh vegetables and herbs year-round. To grow tomatoes here on the coast, look for extra-early tomato varieties, especially Eastern European varieties. Plant them in raised beds in a protected area (like on the south side of your house). They won't be ready…

Gallery: Readers’ photos from the Tour of California

February 16, 2009
Gone in 10 seconds, but what a sight! Stirring, to say the least. We watched from the roadside near 1 and Capistrano in El Granada. Lots of neighbors were out in the rain, cheering, clapping, ringing cowbells, and waving as the racers zipped past. Some of the racers smiled back, too; they seemed to appreciate people being out in the rain to watch them. Good stuff. Thanks for posting the photos.

Park Service meeting on Rancho Corral de Tierra plan, Thurs Jan 29

January 14, 2009
Great -- good to see that this acquisition is proceeding. Rancho is a great resource, and it's right in our backyards (if you live anywhere from Montara to El Granada, anyway). I and many of my neighbors hike there with our dogs daily, and have for years. Over the years, friends and I have encountered bobcats, coyotes, deer; there are dusky-footed woodrat nests near one of the trails; we've even seen rain beetles -- huge things with "furry" underbellies that we at first thought were queen bees! It's…

Open space being used to grow marijuana in Santa Clara County

December 01, 2008
The cost of enforcement (money, time, lives) is considerable. A friend's husband was chief of maintenance at Sequoia/Kings Canyon for many years and participated in a number of "eradications". These are dangerous, well-coordinated, non-trivial operations; the growers are sophisticated, the people guarding the farms (not just plots -- acres are farmed) are well-armed. The cartels running the growing operations have plenty of money and resources, and by using public lands they don't risk losing their…

POST breaks ground for new and improved trails at Pillar Point Bluff

August 26, 2008
Try walking the Pillar Point bluffs trails and see for yourselves what work is being done. I'm concerned about what is meant by access roads and trails, too. While some work looks like they're building reasonable trails with decent set-backs from the bluffs, mostly along "volunteer" trails that were there anyway, there's a road-swath along the eastern/HMB airport side of the bluffs that's big enough to be a 2-lane road with curbs and sidewalks. Anyone know what the plans are for that? I've never…

Photos: Highway 92 reopened

July 21, 2008
Unfortunately, some of us were caught for almost 2 hrs, unable to turn around because of the solid concrete barrier separating east and west bound traffic west of Skyline. Eventually, CalTrans conducted a kind of "evacuation". We'd already moved to the right to let emergency vehicles through, so they started at the bottom of the hill and had us turn around, using the left-hand lane to go back to Half Moon Bay. Big semis couldn't do that so I'd imagine that they were stuck for rather longer. Cal Fish…

GGNRA holding open house on management plan today

June 09, 2008
Robin, do you have a link with that information and/or any contact information? I couldn't find it, but maybe I just wasn't looking in the right place. (Their web site isn't nearly as easy to navigate as Coastsider's. ;) Thanks, Risa El Granada

Photos: “Private” fireworks show in Princeton Harbor

July 06, 2006
Go down there today and see what those outlaws left behind. Trash, cans, broken bottles... they had some campfires going and threw their empties in the fire... It's a mess. If they're going to use the beaches that way, they can at least clean up after themselves. It's a shame and disgusting to see the beaches trashed this way, and by locals, yet. Yeah, I registered just to be able to respond to this. Back to lurking.