1st Annual Farmers of Hwy 92 Celebrate Earth Day

By on Sat, March 21, 2009


Who:  The Farmers of Hwy 92 invite you, the Greater Bay Area Community

When:  April 18-19, 2009, from 9:00 to 5:00

Where: Participating farms located along Hwy 92 into Half Moon Bay, CA

Why:  To establish a platform for the local community to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty and agricultural history found along scenic Hwy 92.  To provide educational opportunities and on-the-farm experiences that will allow families to connect with the land, the environment and agriculture.  To focus on enhancing their level of appreciation and awareness of the land and our seasons, the importance of local growing and harvesting of crops, and educate them on various ecosystems and how people effect and are effected by those systems.  To encourage personal responsibility and accountability with regard to the environment for both local participants and those from the Greater Bay Area.

How:  The Farmers of Hwy 92 will provide the following:

  • Fun, affordable event to get coastside families out enjoying the Earth on Earth Day
  • Focus on farmers’ daily lives and their role as stewards of the land, all in celebration of the Earth and the integral role farmers play as "keepers of the earth"
  • Farm tours & greenhouse tours
  • Agricultural, environmental and educational demonstrations, such as livestock viewing / feeding and crop planting demonstrations
  • Farm animals, pony rides, train rides and hay rides
  • Live music, community participation and sponsorship

Collaboration:  The Farmers of Hwy 92 Celebrate Earth Day is the first collaborative event organized by the local farmers on Hwy 92.  Instrumental in the collaboration are Bob Lemos of Lemos Farms, Hank & Scott Pastorino of Pastorino Farms, Johnny & Jennifer Cozzolino of 4-C’s / Cozzolino Farms, and farm-related business owner, Terry Tenzing of Friendly Pony Parties & Barnyard Pals.

Inviting Particiation: Seeking local organizations, companies and individuals with a focus on environmental or ecological concepts, green business practices, sustainable farming or organic produce as well as local artisians and local musicians to participate.  Would you join us?  Please contact Terry Tenzing:  [email protected] or 650-303-4281.

Please spread the word about this wonderful opportunity in our community!

Hope to see you there!