Adopt a fantastic cat


Posted by on Fri, May 14, 2010

Sinbad, sailed the 7 seas, now he is ready for a good home. Since he is been out to sea he is timid (stray).

Will come out as a good friend once he finds the perfect companion or companions. Male, neutered cat, aged between 4 and 5. Activities: loves his toys, needs in and out environment with large property. Companion: No dogs, preferably non aggressive female cat mates. Adoption fee: $ 80 equal to SPCA Adult cat fee. (between 6 months to 8 years):

If interested contact us at: 650-359-4893 Founder of San Francisco Friends of Animals

Picture Available.

Sinbad needs to be an indoor kitty only; if he was out on a boat the space restriction should not be an issue; correct? Used to small spaces I would assume. A house has to be bigger than a boat; I am sure he would be fine without “in and out” on a “large property”
And how does one keep cats confined to “large property”?
“In and out” means dead birds; possibly dead kitty who ends up “sleeping” on Highway One.

Has Sinbad actually been living on a boat or was that a metaphor?