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By on Fri, April 10, 2009

Click for our Big Wave album
Click for our Big Wave album

We’re opening an album of photos related to the Big Wave development in Princeton. We’ve started with the slides from a presentation by Midcoast Community Council member Sabrina Brennan, but you’re invited to send us your photos and graphics for inclusion.

It’s difficult to get a handle on just how big Big Wave is and what its impact will be on the Coastside.  Your photos can help us understand what’s being proposed.

Wow. Impressive…how ugly…..and scary.

This is very helpful to see the out-scale-character of this huge proposed complex. 3-story office boxes with big parking lots built on the edge of a sensitive habitat marsh.

Whatever happened to the idea of designing something to be compatible with its surrounding environment?

Hey Barry, 

My daughter is handicapped and has helped with the ‘Big Wave’ yearly fund raiser during ‘pumpkin time’ on the Coastside.  One of the ‘parents’ also has a ‘special child’ and is the developer or a major player in the development team.  I thought at first no way could they just be doing ‘housing’ for special needs adults but I figured OKAY it is possible they are doing what is good for those in need. 

But I should have listened to myself in the first place.  All I see from these simulations is Office and work areas and asphalted parking.
Consider these questions:

Where do the ‘special’ adults live in this sprawl? 
Why would any of them benefit from living in an industrial complex? Why would any of them benefit from being so far away from any shopping, etc., because most of them cannot drive?
Will they find ‘jobs’ at the complex?
With the current economic situation we all need to think “Why does the Coastside need any more large EMPTY BUILDINGs to screw up our views? 
Why do we think we need more traffic influx if these offices by chance do fill? 
OMG it is North Wave crest all over again… 

I am sorry I sat back and did nothing and possibly even aided in this facade for so long.  I hope it is not to late for me and the people of the Coastside to stand once again and say NO to this.

If the developer was really out to help his ‘special’ child then they would have requested to renovate building(s) in HMB (within walking distance to shopping etc. ) for this purpose alone.  It is almost shameful to guise commercial/industrial complex as a humanitarian effort to fill a vital housing need for ‘special individuals’. 

Heck I camped with this person on a CPALs outing and they all had their “BIG WAVE” Tees on.  CPALS does wonderful work for the ‘special needs individuals located on the coast and by no means do I affiliate their work with the BIG WAVE project.  It just upsets me to think that BIG money tries to affiliate and banner child their project to appear as other than it truly is.

I Am P.A. Chimienti and these are my opinions only… 

Is this project signed sealed ready to be delievered, I hope not.

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Mon, September 28, 2009 9:33pm
Lisa Ketcham
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The Big Wave team touts their line at every public hearing opportunity.  This Wednesday’s public hearing on the County’s revised Housing Element will probably be no exception.  The project is no where near approved—we haven’t even seen the draft EIR.  There is still time to voice your concerns. Housing Element Workshop, HMB Village, 9 Bloom Lane, Sept. 30, 6-8:30 pm.