“Anything Can Happen Cabaret” planned for Montara

By on Mon, May 18, 2009

Did you ever watch the Little Rascals when they spontaneously decided to put on a show? Did you ever wish you could join them?

Now you can.

We are assembling our creative Coastsiders for an evening of brainstorming. Our idea is to develop an "Anything Can Happen" Cabaret. We want to create a venue where performers of all types can take the stage and share their talents in a safe and fun environment. Our The ACH Cabaret will begin with a gathering June 9th where we will share a meal and cook up some Cabaret ideas.

If you want to join us for dinner, arrive at 7 PM at "7th Street Montara" in Montara. We will begin the Brainstorming at 8 (and you can join us then if you prefer skip the meal).

Please rsvp by May 20 at the latest by responding to this e mail. Or if you just want to be kept up to date regarding Cabaret nights we will post information on Coastsider.com

Nancy Margulies [email protected]
Marilyn Handler [email protected]