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Hi, I volunteer at Arata’s Pumpkin Farm Monday through Friday. I do a 10 to 15 minute educational presentation for the dozens of school groups ( pre-k to 5th.) that visit this facility. Mr. John Ullom, of Half Moon bay and San Gregorio, sees fit to bash one of the few places in the Bay Area and on the coast side that allow children to run as fast as they want, yell their heads off and have hay fights, while enjoying the fresh ocean air and sunshine.

I challenge Mr. Ullom to pay us a vist in order to see, first hand, that Chris Gounalakis and his family have operated this rare place that children and school groups have enjoyed for twenty plus years. I realize you are an older man John, so am I but I still have the ability to channel my inner child in order to educate these children who are very grateful that Arata’s Pumpkin Farm exists. As for your comments about my friend Bob Limos not producing any agriculture on his farm; the Christmas trees he raises and sells ARE agriculture.

Come on down to Aratas next Tuesday and see for yourself the joy that Chris and Suneva provide for visitors from far and near; or do you just base all your spicy comments on what you read in the local papers?

Joseph (Jose) Tamez

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Fri, November 4, 2011 3:10pm
Cheri Parr
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Jose -

I’m not following the current conversation on Arata’s so I’ll save that debate for those with firsthand knowledge, but I have, on many occasions, served as an adult chaperone (referee?) for Farallone view’s trips to Arata’s and may I say “thank you”. 

My experience has been just as you’ve described.  Kids running around, being kids, petting goats, selecting pumpkins, jumping off hay bales, riding pony’s, screaming, laughing, and yes, even learning!  I’ve found the staff and volunteers to be wise, friendly, welcoming and patient beyond all explanation. Most impressive, was the fact that the staff worked with teachers to keep the costs low enough so that all students were able to claim a pumpkin.  Everyone, regardless of economic position, was treated the same, had a blast and left with not only a treat, but great memories of a day on the Farm.

My kids range from 19 - 9 and all three have been to Arata’s with the school over the years, and consider it one of the highlights of the fall season.

Keep doing what you do best, and from one Coastside Mom - a big Thanks for all you do!