Asplundh Scheduling on SR 92


Posted by on Thu, July 30, 2009

Incredible display of strategy yesterday in the scheduling of tree trimming on Highway 92 during the morning commute hours.  Traffic backed up both east and west due to the traffic control stop.  Orange Asplundh trucks took up one lane, allowing only for coordinated one-way pass-thru.

Seems to me that tree trimming scheduling may have been better timed mid-day?

This is not a case for widening SR 92 into a 4-lane mega-structure, but a plea for our county to manage our resources in a sustainable fashion:  Leave alone the morning and evening commutes, please.

I must agree I left in plenty of time for a Dr appoint in Palo Alto, was 50 minutes late and had to pay $150. becaused I missed the appoint and insurance will not pay ergggggg! By the time I was able to turn around and go through Pacifica I was still never going to make it.  I should have called 511.  Very frustrating.