Pillar Point beaches closed


Posted by on Sat, April 16, 2011

The San Mateo County Environmental Health Division noted on April 14 that it has closed two Princeton beaches (#7 and #8) with no indication of where these are or when they were closed. However this appears to be a change in status. According to the county:

Water samples from natural recreational waters of San Mateo County are sampled each week for concentrations of indicator bacteria. If concentrations of indicator bacteria exceed State or County standards, the area is posted to warn users that they may become ill if they engage in water contact activities in the posted area.

It would be nice if the County put up some signage to identify Pillar Point beach numbers and clearly make closed beaches.  This information would help parents better understand what beaches are polluted. 

It makes me sad when I see kids playing in polluted water around Pillar Point Harbor.  Many parents are completely unaware of the problem because the beaches are not properly noticed.