Letter: Best kept secret to be closed?


Posted by on Fri, December 5, 2008

This fall, my wife and I have been enjoying a great CSM class held here in Half Moon Bay.  "Studies in Film: Directors" has been an excellent introduction to some new work we’d not seen before. We’ve definitely participated in the freewheeling discussions after each screening. And so far, no one’s fallen asleep during the professor, David Laderman’s, insightful lectures.

This film class is a first for CSM on the Coastside, a super bargain: 15 films and class conversations for only $60 tuition.

Problem is, worried college administrators are threatening to close out this Spring’s class if there’s not enough community interest [20 students]. Classes run each Thursday from 6:00 to 9:30.

So movie lovers, check out Film 200 "Film Genres" CRN 35125. 

If you’re at all like us, the class will help you enjoy your movie-going even more than before.  And if you don’t like it, you can always drop the class for no charge come January.

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Film 200/800 Film in Focus: Film Genres

As moviegoers, we know the difference between a comedy and a drama, a Western and a musical, an action flick and a chick flick, a historical film and a science fiction.  Or do we?

In this course we take a critical look at the fascinating world of film genres.  Always a key ingredient of the American movie industry, film genres are the types of stories movies tell.  But film genres also tell much about who we are.

For each film genre, we will view a prime example from classical Hollywood (1930-1960), New Hollywood (1970s and 1980s) and postmodern contemporary (1990s to the present). We will develop a good sense of the stars, characters, narrative and film style associated with each film genre.  We will also make some comparisons between American and international takes on film genres.

Our main goals are to appreciate the artistic variations on film genres across time and place, and to appreciate how film genres hold an entertaining mirror up to our cultural values, conflicts and dreams.

SPECIAL NOTE: You can sign up for this class as Film 800 (crn#39454), designed purely for enjoyment and interest: the course will be non-transferable, with Credit/No Credit grading, and minimal required work.