Big Wave EIR community comments and County Planning responses are now available

By on Tue, November 16, 2010

The County Planning and Building Department has released the 67 comments (676 pages) on the Big Wave Final Environmental Impact Report, as well as 254 comments and responses (1134 pages) from the Draft Environmental Impact Report.

Comments included in the package will be distributed to planning commissioners at Wednesday’s hearing on the EIR. However, community members may still bring comments for the commissioners to Wednesday’s hearing or address the commission at hearing.

You can download all comments and responses (1810 pages, 45mb) from Coastsider.

Comment 1
Tue, November 16, 2010 3:00pm
Diane Brosin
All my comments

I just read all (okay, so I admit, I scanned a few and skipped some of the incredibly repetitious attachments)the comments.  Regardless of where one’s sympathies lie, it’s quite remarkable that the Bldg Dept. is recommending approval in the face of concerns by so many gov’t agencies.  The list includes GSD, MWSD, MCC, Department of the Interior, Department of Transportation, not to mention the county’s own Dept. of Public Works.  I find myself wondering how a single dept. like Planning and Building can have the power to stand against all these public entities, especially when the dept. itself participated in drafting the EIR.  Something seems fishy.

Given the current glut of commercial office space available in urban centers with close proximity to public transit it appears the Big Wave developers are running the County and the taxpaying public through an exercise in futility.

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