Brews & Views, The Economy Summit, Thursday

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By on Sun, February 28, 2010


Brews & Views continues its ongoing discussion of critical issues featuring some of the most interesting, informative and timely topics in its Brews & Views series. We are calling our next gathering ‘The Economy Summit – What does the future hold for us?’ taking place Thursday, March 4 from 6-8 pm at The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

When it comes to defining where our economy is headed, both locally and nationally, Brews and Views is featuring some of the best economic minds in the Bay Area: Sean Randolph, President & CEO of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute; Jon Haveman, Founding Partner of Beacon Economics; Cynthia A. Kroll, Senior Regional Economist and Executive Director for Staff Research at University of California, Berkley; Jed Kolko, Associate Director and Research Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California; and Prof. John Zysman from the University of California Berkeley and co-founder of the Berkeley Roundtable of the International Economy (BRIE).

This local economic ‘dream team’ brings together perspectives from business, government, and academia promising a provocative, enlightening, frustrating and lively exchange of ideas with all those in attendance. This Economic Summit will be moderated by Lenny Mendonca – senior partner at McKinsey & Company and founder of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

"With all the uncertainties and misinformation that’s floating about when it comes to the current economic climate, this Economic Summit could not come at a better time. This superb panel will dispel some myths, and provide fuel the reform fire when it comes to areas in serious need of economic rehabilitation" says Lenny Mendonca.

The Brews & Views Events have added a new element to its program and that is philanthropy . The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company will contribute 10% of your dinner on the first Thursday of every month to a local charity.  Come for the event, stay for dinner and support the community.


Dr. Sean Randolph: Sean Randolph is President & CEO of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, a public-private partnership of business, labor, government and higher education that works to foster a competitive economy in California and the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland and the Silicon Valley. The Economic Institute produces authoritative analyses on major economic policy issues, including infrastructure, globalization, energy, science & technology, and governance, and mobilizes California and Bay Area leaders around targeted policy initiatives.

Dr. Jon Haveman Jon Haveman is a founding partner of Beacon Economics. Dr. Haveman is an expert in goods movement, international trade policy, and labor market issues. He has authored a number of special reports on transportation and security issues at California’s seaports, business outsourcing, and trade in technology products. He has a lengthy record of publishing articles in the areas of labor and international economics.

Dr. Cynthia Kroll Dr. Cynthia Kroll is the senior regional economist and executive director of staff research for the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, a research center on the U.C. Berkeley Campus. She holds masters and doctoral degrees from U.C. Berkeley’s Department of City and Regional Planning. She is well known for her research on California economic trends and their implications for real estate development opportunities and land development issues.

Dr. Jed Kolko Jed Kolko is a Research Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), a non-profit, non-partisan research foundation. At PPIC, Kolko has written numerous reports on the California economy, economic development, and technology policy. Prior to coming to PPIC in 2006, he was Vice President and Research Director at Forrester Research, a technology consultancy, where he managed Forrester’s consumer market research businesses.

Prof. John Zysman John Zysman is a professor at University of California Berkeley and co-founder of the Berkeley Roundtable of the International Economy (BRIE). His book Manufacturing Matters has redefined the understanding of how different sectors interact in the global division of labor, and how technology dynamics and political economy link.