Build and walk a labyrinth in HMB, Saturday

Press release

By on Tue, October 21, 2008


Ancient wisdom of the Celts will come to life in Half Moon Bay, Saturday, October 25th, in an event hosted by The Visionary Edge. "The building of the labyrinth with the Druid teachings of healing has been one of our most popular events the last two years.  We have had many requests do this again," said Reba Vanderpool, co-founder of The Visionary Edge.  Participants will celebrate, create, and walk a dromenon, the sacred labyrinth of the druids. Today, the labyrinth is a potent symbol of healing and transformation throughout the world.

      The event will include "hands-on"  participation and instruction in using the labyrinth as a diagnostic and healing tool. They will also participate in building the dromenon, and at dusk will walk its sacred path. 

       "Return to the Labyrinth" will take place at The Johnson House Depot, 110 Higgins Purissima Road, Half Moon Bay. Doors open at 7:00, event at 7:30 pm, Saturday, October 25th. Advance tickets $20 for adults, $8 advance children, door $25 adults, children $12.  Call 650-560-0200.

       As stated by Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, "from ancient origins to contemporary applications, the labyrinth is a crucible for change, a blueprint for the sacred meeting of psyche and soul, a field of light, a cosmic dance."  But what has remained unknown to the world at large is the origin of the dromenon as well as the ancient healing methods used by the Druids long before the dromenon was built in Chartes Cathedral in France.  "Teachings on the Druid methods of healing using the dromenon labyrinth was revelatory for everyone in attendance last year" said Vanderpool.

      According to Reba Vanderpool, founder of the Visionary Edge  "The Druid teaching comes from a rare depth of knowledge of the nature religion and its healing power.  The Druid dromenon holds healing symbolism in every twist and turn in the journey of walking the labyrinth.  We benefit by going back to teachings that aren’t merely handed down by the masters, but where students access their own inner knowledge through the use of tools like the labyrinth.

       "We decided to organize this event to help people reconnect with the natural healing powers of the earth, through the sacred geometry of the labyrinth.  This connection  can serve as an antidote to the stress of  these troubled times of war, financial  and ecological crises. We need ways to redirect attention inward, where we can sense the unity common to all peoples as well as the earth.."

      Located in Half Moon Bay, The Visionary Edge produces events to inspire us all to create a wiser, more sustainable and compassionate world.