CA State Dept of Conservation Tsunami Inundation Maps


Posted by on Fri, December 18, 2009

The latest maps are downloadable from the CA Conservation site.  Shows which areas of the California Coastline are at risk should a tsunami occur.

Link below is to the San Mateo County main map where you can click on a specific quadrangle to see the vulnerable areas.

Thanks for posting the Tsunami Inundation Map link:

Checkout the new California Climate Adaptation Strategy:

MAP: Impacts of Sea Level Rise on the California Coast:

Sabrina Brennan

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Thu, December 24, 2009 12:07pm
Kevin Barron
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Checkout the new California Climate Adaptation Strategy:

Yowza! A state agency in charge to advise (read as: spend more money) other agencies where to spend money on “climate change” (read as: cooked fearmongering data). That’s right, I forgot the Governor gave us the “San Francisco Airport underwater” doomsday devastation scenario. Then he went to Copenhagen trying ressurect his political career (or lack thereof) a la Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. Silly Republicans and their global warming ;-)

Shocker this state is beyond broke. Pave the streets, pay our teachers, empty the trash at the state park and protect the ppl protecting us. That is all, you can go now.