Cabrillo Unified budget disaster


By on Thu, October 8, 2009

As a 20 year employee of Cabrillo Unified School District, I got a layoff notice last year when the budget was "only" $480,000 in the red.  We’re looking at a deficit of $2.5 million next year.  Without a parcel tax vote passage, here are some of the realities parents and students will be dealing with next year:

Remove K-3 class size reduction (at a cost of 27 teaching positions).

Cut counselors at Cunha from two to one, and at the High School from three to two.

Close libraries.

Basically, anything outside the classroom will have to go: ELD support classes, electives, sports, fewer school days (4 per week is proposed), etc.

I’m not sure the people of the Coastside realize what we are looking at for next year. It’s going to be quite grim, I’m afraid.

Katharine Weber