CAL Juried Show?


By on Mon, April 11, 2011

Dear Coastal Art League Members,

I traveled to your gallery this weekend and was disappointed in your juried showing.  It was one of the flattest display of art I have seen in a regional show in many years.  The best work of art was the fresh front pages of the coastal newspaper - a barrier for cautioning the viewer not to fall over the railing!
The adjacent galleries of wood furnishings, the commercial glass store and another fine arts gallery spoke volumes to quality as well as the southerly pricey gallery were greeters, but left the potential customers alone while gazing at potential purchases. There was no greeting, though I lingered there for 15 minutes or so.
The multimedia works were over-represented photography and newsy art; it is best to have greater variety, but if that is the best of the coast, I guess I won't make a special trip to see a published juried show.  I would recommend that you review what it is to have a juried showing, increasing the number of artists and improve the quantity and quality and selections of fine art and how it is aesthetically displayed with improved didactic panels about artists and the coastal community and expanded labeling information.
You might ask what authority I have in the arts - probably not much, but I am a collector (50+ painting from across regions).  My Facebook page has an album of our collection...!
Our day was not lost.  Barbara's fish shack and ML are always a nice eating venues, a walk on the pier keeps Princeton-by-the-Sea on our agenda and I am not so sure the fine arts venue would not profit in relocating there. HMB Main St has lost its way with a lot of kitsch.