Caltrans is less certain a new traffic light is needed

By on Tue, June 6, 2006

Caltrans is less certain a new traffic light is needed

Caltrans is less certain that a traffic light is needed for commuters turning from northbound Highway 1 onto Highway 92.  Caltrans Deputy District Director for Operations Sean Nozarri presented the results of its traffic study to the Half Moon Bay City Council Tuesday night.  Apparently, the decrease in traffic in the past few weeks has diminished the need for the light.

At the conclusion of the presentation, city council member Jim Grady asked, "Your recommendation is not to turn those lights on?" Nozarri replied "Yes."

For one hour of peak commute time, from 6am to 7am, the light would decrease the wait time for southbound commuters from 31 minutes to about 7 minutes.  From 7am to 8am, the delay would be reduced from 12 minutes to about 8.

Nozarri said that the combination of measures to improve traffic flow and adaptations by commuters have significantly reduced the traffic problems at the intersection.  They said that the light was "Recommended, but not currently critical". If the traffic conditions from early May returned, Caltrans said the light would be "Highly recommended".