Caltrans may end “free” right turns onto Hwy 92 for HMB commuters

By on Wed, May 17, 2006

Caltrans has installed signals would restrict right turns for northbound commuters from Highway 1 onto Highway 92 [Google map] during the morning commute. Once activated, the signals will regulate the number of cars that can turn right onto Highway 92 from Highway 1 and should allow more commuters from the north to turn left onto Highway 92. Caltrans will test the light to determine whether it will improve the situation for the majority of commuters.

While the signal should improve the commute for the two-thirds of Coastsiders living north of Highway 92, it will be unpopular with Half Moon Bay residents who live south of the intersection.

"Residents of Montara should love it," city manager Debra Auker told Coastsider.  "But two-thirds of the population of Half Moon Bay is south of the 92."

The signal, at the intersection of two state highways, is controlled by the state agency and not by the city.