Caltrans puts Hwy 1 & 92 intersection camera online

Posted by on Thu, April 27, 2006

Caltrans has set up a traffic camera at the intersection of Highways 1 and 92 [camera window].  It uses Windows Media Player, so you may need to install this first. 

I hope if folks find the camera helpful they will send a note to CalTrans.

I know I will be looking at it in planning my am trips.  Hopefully they will put one up at Crystal Spring Reservoir to help us see what the afternoon commute looks like:


Submitted to CalTrans Comment Form:

Regarding web cam at HWY 92 and 1.

Commuting from Montara to San Francisco.

Thanks for installing the Web Cam, however, I think I would get a better indication of the morning backup South on HWY 1 if one was installed at the Frenchman’s Creek light.  Of late, this is the real source of the backup as the traffic moves well once South of the light.

And on the return commute, a web cam at the top of 92 and Skyline, facing 92 West down the Valley would provide a good vantage for the backup heading into Half Moon Bay.

I’ve tried both Mac and PC, all I get is a blank screen, anyone else having trouble?

Friday pm,
Rumor has it from a number of sources I have communicated with that we can expect the Slide to be closed 8 months to 1 year.  If this is true there are some very hard realities many residents are going to have to face, commute being primary along with property values decreasing.  My daughter teaches kindergarten in the city, the hours in the car on top of work hours are long and very stressful and its been less than 1 month…
Tell me this prediction is in error.

Kevin - you may need to get a third-party viewer, like “Flip4Mac” or something like that (works on Safari).  I also found that I have to actually click on the PLAY icon in whatever viewer I’m in before the videocam starts to display.  I don’t have any PCs so I can’t really be of help there.

When can we expect an estimate on the Devil’s Slide closure? I would rather receive worst-case-senario than no information. Is this asking too much?

Richard Giaquinto - Moss Beach

Since they are talking about designs for the fix they should be able to give us some timetable for the various solutions. I urge all to E-mail or call during their commute: 

David Anderson Information Officer 916-654-5820
Tamie McGowen Information Officer 916-653-5456
Robin Witt Information Officer 916-654-4108

The camera is pretty stupid if you ask me. There were ten cal trans workers fiddling with the light for most of the day at 92 and 35. that light is not the problem. shut mainstreet after 3 pm and turn that light green to better the traffic. Boycott the mainstreet businesses that are opposing this. this is the only wasy to improve afternoon flow.


Linda: I had the same experience using Flip4Mac, and even then it’s a sometimes thing. It’s working for me at the moment (I just saw someone run the light).

Timothy: I don’t think a boycott is necessary. Just put up a couple of signs on 92 thanking them for adding half an hour to the afternoon commute.

As for a timetable, those who haven’t been reading the Caltrans daily updates (link at the top of this page) should start now, but you won’t find it very encouraging. The holes they’re drilling are only to monitor the movement of the slide. My impression is that pretty much any real repair work on the main slide is going to wait until they’re sure that the movement has stopped—no real surprise.

At least the rain has stopped (though I see that the NWS is hinting at rain again at the end of next week).

I have to think we’ll be lucky to have the road open by the time school starts in the fall.

Linda C - I have heard similar rumors. Mostly that it is unreparable. I don’t think anyone wants to go public so they will continue doing whatever they can do with the time up there and report back all the progress regularly.

Perhaps adding 2nd and 3rd shifts to the tunnel project would help. That might be a better use of resources. Or outsource it. Do something to speed it up.

The commutes this week were awful for us. We still can’t seem to find the right time to come and go!

Johnny, call me old-school, but I just like strikes, boycotts, and marches.  But I like the sign idea on 92- let me see if I can find some cell numbers of some cal trans personel so we can contact them personally and they can add the calls as sound to their video feeds.  .........

As far as th fix is concerned, they should just fix the gtrade and fill the cracks when it stops moving and let us drive on it and put a better gate up to stop traffic whn and if it goes.  It will be far safer than the bay bridge and hundreds of other structures that we use everyday (that will completely fail in the next major earthquake)

According to caltrans:

“Various concepts for the repair design are under consideration at this time
by a team of Geologists, Structures Engineers, and Construction

what are these proposals?? who is making the decision on which design to implement??


here are some more numbers if anyone wants to make the call:

District: 4 – Oakland
Contact: Steve Cobb
Phone: (510) 286-5776 Pager : (510) 805-3471
Lauren Wonder ? Chief, Office of Public Affairs ? Caltrans District 4 ? Tel. 510-286-6120 office, 510-710-5891 cell 510 715 6730 ? <email>[email protected]</email>

Linda – Thanks for the suggestion, actually it was the Firewall at work preventing connection, I can connect fine from home.

I have viewed the Caltrans Cam many times over many different time slots over the last few days. Living in Montara all this Cam tells me for my commute is that there is always a Southbound waiting line of traffic to turn right onto 92, usless information, as the line is always there. We need three more Cams, it’s the least Caltrans could do. One at the lights at El Granada pointing South, one at the Frenchmans Creek lights and one at the peak of 92 pointing West viewing the road as it descends into the valley. This combination would allow any Coastsider to plan their trip or commute and give visual access to the trouble spots. Of course no number of Webcams will ease the traffic jams.