CalTrans update on Tunnels and other Hwy 1 issues, at MCC Wednesday

Posted by on Mon, February 23, 2009

Leonard Woren
Bridges to the northern end of the Devil's Slide Tunnels, viewed from Pedro Point headlands.

Representatives from CalTrans will attend the Wednesday, February 25 Regular Meeting of the Midcoast Community Council (MCC) to give the public an update on the Devil’s Slide Tunnels project, answer questions regarding that project, and address other local Highway 1 issues.

Please post other questions for CalTrans as comments to this article so that they may be submitted in advance in case research is required.  At this time, CalTrans has been requested to also comment on the following:

  • Progress on turn lane at Hostel entry
  • Master plan for Highway 1 from Montara to Half Moon Bay
  • Status report on what will happen to remainder of Highway 1 on Devil’s Slide
  • Status report on sea level change impact and remedies for those impacts on Midcoast section of Highway 1.  [This report is due to be given to the governor at the end of March; there should be some early info on this area, in particular, what does CalTrans have in mind for SR 1 past Surfer’s Beach, and what’s the time frame?

The Midcoast Council meeting is 7:30 p.m. Wednesday February 25 at Seton Coastside Medical Center, Marine Boulevard & Etheldore, Moss Beach.  Please park in one of the upper parking lots—turn left off the access road just before reaching the end.  Seton requests that meeting attendees not park in the lot immediately in front of the entrance.

I am curious if CalTrans has plans to eliminate the huge, dangerous puddle that forms at in the center of the left turn lanes from southbound Hwy 1 & Hwy. 92.  This puddle is deep enough to cause problems for small, low vehicles and water is thrown up onto windshields causing a temporary loss of clear views for higher vehicles.  It seems to me this drainage problem would be simple to fix.

I hope we get some CalTrans feedback on the comuter bike trail (from Montara to HMB).  This trail would run parallel to Highway One.  We need it ASAP!  **Why drive when you can bike.**

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Tue, February 24, 2009 3:35pm
Todd McGee
All my comments

I know I’m just being juvenile and the big puddle really should be dealt with but I just have to say that I love it when it rains and I can drive through that big splooshy puddle and spray water all over. It’s been the highlight of my day on several days recently. I guess that doesn’t speak so well for the rest of my days ...

Does anyone know if there is video of the MCC/CalTrans meeting on the web?  I can’t seem to locate any on, or sites….

It was a great presentation by the way. Kudos on the whole project.
But there’s some folly in this article and a bit on the MCCs part, via “Other Hwy 1 issues”... an engineer/spokesperson showed up and gave a great presentation on the **tunnel**... (Barry, if you could… I’d like to bold that even more, and increase the font size, and make it fire engine red)

...then the poor guy got a bit boondoggled on turn lanes into the Montara Lighthouse, puddles at the 1/92 intersection, bike lanes, and so forth.

The gentlemen deftly kept having to defer any status, much less knowledge, on these sidebars of CalTrans needs. (although I can’t imagine what went through his head).

Let’s separate the tunnel v. “the crumbling shoulder off of SR1 near Capistrano” issues, please.