Caltrans will blast loose debris from the cliffs early next week


By on Fri, April 7, 2006

Cheri Parr
The cracks on the road on the Slide are much bigger than they appear in some photos.

UPDATED APRIL 8, 3PM: Caltrans has delayed blasting from Sunday until "possibly Tuesday".

Caltrans is scheduled to begin blasting loose debris on the cliff above Devil’s Slide

on Sunday

  as early as Tuesday, "weather permitting".  Drilling equipment is already on Highway 1, just above the slide, waiting for the process to be completed.  Then crews will drill three 150-foot holes in the Slide so its movements can be measured.

Coastsider went out to the Slide again Friday afternoon at 4pm and it was clear that the roadway is continuing to slip toward the Pacific.

Caltrans is also preparing to put a gate on Highway 1 north of Graywhale Cove and south of the tunnel construction site. This, combined with the concrete barriers near the entrance to McNee Ranch State Park in Montara, will allow pedestrian access to Gray Whale Cove.  "We had a call from a person who was planning to get married there on April 29 and wanted to know if they needed to make other plans," said John Cunliffe, CalTrans spokesperson.