MCC holding Supervisor candidate forum, Wednesday


Posted by on Sun, April 25, 2010

This Wednesday at 7:30pm, the MCC and the League of Women Voters are hosting a Candidate Forum, at Seton Coastside in Moss Beach.  All 5 candidates for the Board of Supervisors 3rd district are expected to attend. 

There won’t be an MCC meeting, it will be all candidates, all the time.  Audience members will have a chance to submit short written questions at the beginning of the meeting.  One of these candidates will be our next supervisor, and could serve for as many as twelve years, so this will be an important event.

Tell your friends, and come if you can.

Thanks to the MCC for putting this event on.

It should be noted that Coastsiders can also vote in the election for the supervisor representing District 2.

This is emblematic of the stupidity of at-large elections for the board of supervisors.  Carol Groom was appointed and she only has token opposition.  There is no incumbent running for Rich Gordon’s seat, so it’s a free-for-all. Meanwhile, we vote on candidates to represent a community we don’t live in (District 2), and there is no Coastside forum for the race.

Will it be on channel 6?

MCTV does typically film MCC meetings.

In my experience, you don’t want to bet the farm on them showing up, getting a usable recording, and showing it at the scheduled time, but they’re probably a 10 to 1 favorite for pulling it off successfully.

If Darin can’t be there I’ll volunteer to run his camera or use my own small one so it can be replayed on Montara Fog

Hey Kathryn,

Thanks for the offer—I might take you up on it! The current plan is to send my camera and other gear and have Neil set it up and run the camera, although that might interfere with his MCC duties. If so he’ll need help. (I’ll be at the fire board meeting with the other camera.)

Once we have footage I’ll publish it and break out by question, as before. This format has proven popular and, I hope, useful.


The Candidate Forum for Supervisor - District 3 will be broadcast live on MCTV Channel 6.  The start time is 7:30pm. indicates that it will be shown tonight and tomorrow night at 7 pm.  Should I open a betting pool on whether it will actually run and be watchable?

This forum is worth watching.  There are a number of viable candidates.  My clear choice, no surprise, would be April Vargas due to her sensitivity to Coastal issues.  And my take-away from the forum is that of the 5 candidates, April has the best overall knowledge of the issues, and the best “right answer” score.

This particular election begs for preferential voting.