CEF Endowment Allocation Committee Application Announcement


By on Thu, March 8, 2012


The board of directors (the “Board”) of Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF) is seeking applicants to serve as members of the CEF Allocation Committee beginning April 2012.

The Allocation Committee will be a body composed of no more than 11 citizens, including the CEF Executive Director, and up to 4 non-Board members.  The board is looking for volunteers with good communication skills who will work well as a team and be able to help make group recommendations based on what is best for the broad student base rather than one particular group or site.  The Allocation Committee will be tasked with making recommendations to the Board and to oversee and lead the process of allocating funds on behalf of the Board consistent with the allocation principles of CEF:

 Focus on what will best improve student’s overall education
 Ensure objectives are in alignment with CEF’s mission and values and with the district strategic goals and priorities
 Focus on strategic improvement opportunities (rather than gap funding, support system for the district budget, or equitable distribution)
 Focus primarily on recurring/sustaining funding opportunities rather than one-off needs
 Focus on meaningful/tangible results to report back to donors
 Open/transparent process to get ideas, perceptions & perspectives on how the foundation can best serve students followed by a central strategic decision which serves the best interest of students across the district (not based on votes, equity across sites, strong opinions, etc)

The Allocation Committee is to be comprised of qualified men, women and students (17 years and older) of diverse social-economic, ethnic, educational backgrounds representing all geographical areas included within the Cabrillo Unified School District Boundary.  The Allocation Committee is scheduled to meet quarterly during the course of the year.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as called by the Chair.

The Committee shall:
 Follow the established process for allocation of endowment proceeds to the schools for maximum strategic benefit.
 Maintain a clear statement of direction and guidance for the funds with Board approval.
Execute and continuously improve the process for collecting input from teachers, parents, experts, research, district members etc. for continuing ideas, insights and background as to where funds may make the largest ongoing impact.
 Make an annual recommendation to the Board for specific directed allocation of the endowment proceeds based on the established allocation principles
 Recommend oversight and communication processes to the Board following the allocation of directed funds

Citizens who reside within the Cabrillo Unified School District Boundary who are interested in participating on the Endowment Fund Allocation Committee are encouraged to apply. All applications need to be received by March 30, 2011.  Please forward a brief letter of interest with your name, address and basic resume or background to:

John Ediger
Vice President - The Endowment Fund
The Cabrillo Education Foundation
P.O. BOX 354
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(For more information, please feel free to contact Melissa Rey via email at [email protected])