Charter Review Committee to recommend district elections and fewer appointed Supervisors

By on Tue, June 22, 2010

The County’s Charter Review Committee has made three recommendations for changes to the charter so rational, you’d think they’d already be the law.

  • Move election of Supervisors to a district system from the current at-large system.
  • Fill vacancies on the board with an election in the first two years, 9 1/2 months of a seat’s term. After that, an open seat can be filled by election, appointment, or left vacant.
  • Change the offices of Treasurer-Tax Collector and Auditor-Controller to be appointed by and reporting to the County Manager. Both of these offices are currently elected positions. The change would be effective the end of the term which expires in January 2015.

The current system of at-large elections and frequent appointments has made the Board of Supervisors about as unrepresentative and unaccountable as an elected government can be.

The Committee will meet Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 5:30pm, at 455 County Center, Room 101, Redwood City to discuss these recommendations and the proposed charter amendments.

You can download the agenda and recommendations from Coastsider.