Children: Come visit Candyland at Ted Adcock Center, Saturday


By on Wed, December 2, 2009

Local boys and girls will become part of a human-sized Board game when the game "Candyland" comes to life at the Ted Adcock Community Center on Saturday afternoon, December 12.

Hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside and the HMB Recreation Division, more than 100 children of all ages, from toddlers through elementary schoolers, are welcomed by King Candy (Palmer), Queen Frosting, and Molasses, plus a number of gaily dressed fairies and elves from the HMB High School Interact Club.

The Ted Adcock Center is transformed into a virtual board game, full of balloons, candy, ice cream, and festive decorations.

Participants in the game stop at each station along the way as King Candy calls out the moves. Each station has a toy or candy surprise and the entire game takes roughly 20 minutes at a time.

Children who successfully navigate the board game have an opportunity to take their picture with Santa Claus as they express their holiday wishes. Another tasty treat awaits them, as they receive peppermint ice cream flown in from the North Pole, usually dished out by Prince Kandy, aka Kennedy Palmer.

The Interact Club, a group affiliated with the HMB Rotary Club, assists at the bilingual event to ensure a fun experience all children.

Where: Ted Adcock Community Center, 535 Kelly Ave in downtown Half Moon Bay.

When: Noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12

Cost: $4 per child

For information, call HMB Recreation at 726-8297.