Coastal Erosion Forum in Pacifica, Saturday


By on Mon, March 22, 2010

In Pacifica, as elsewhere along the 1,100 mile coast of California, cliffs crumble and beaches wash away and return.  Almost every year we are reminded that here along the San Mateo coastal erosion averages two feet a year.  But the process is not orderly, and dramatic events often occur during El Nino years like the one we have experienced this winter.  Again, we watched with horror and fascination, sympathy and disbelief the efforts to safeguard properties along Esplanade.

On Saturday, March 27, Pacificans and all Coastside residents are invited to THE FORUM at 2:00 PM at the Hilton library. This FORUM is about Coastal Erosion, the first in an educational series free to the public on various topics.

Opening the forum, USGS emeritus geologist Monty Hampton will present images of the coast documented in Pacifica and other local communities.  A coast resident and specialist in environmental marine geology, Hampton surveyed local coastal cliff retreat for many years as chief scientist for the United States Geological Survey.  He was also involved in preparedness workshops with other scientists and the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services prior to the 1998 El Nino.

The second part of the forum will highlight recent studies undertaken by Philip Williams and Associates, Ltd for the Pacific Institute. As an environmental hydrologist and civil engineer, Pacifican Bob Battalio will consider how our beaches and cliffs may be affected in the future by the same physical processes operating today.

Charles Lester, Coastal Commission Deputy Director, will also be on hand if other responsibilities permit.  The afternoon will close with questions and discussion moderated by BCDC’s Brenda Goeden.

Many coastal residents chose to live beside the ocean in order to regularly experience and admire its beauty and power.  That power has shaped and will continue to shape all our communities along the coast in varying ways.  Understanding and appreciating the forces that create the coast can better inform all of us about our future next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

THE FORUM is the creation of Sue Digre, Experienced, Credentialed California State Licensed Teacher, K through 9 and Adult Education.

2:00 PM, Saturday, March 27
Pacifica Library, 104 Hilton Way, downstairs room
Parking on the street during library hours