Coastal Rep holding auditions for Our Town


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Come be a part of OUR TOWN!

Coastal Rep Announces Auditions for OUR TOWN
Written by Thornton Wilder and Directed by Roxane Ashe
Set in Grover’s Corner, New Hampshire, this American classic explores all that matters most in our lives, and manages to do so with truth and grace.  Our Town is a compelling look at the ordinary lives of the Gibbs and Webb families that reminds us of the beauty of small moments, the poignancy of everyday life, and the urgency of now.  In a world filled with crisis and terror, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play gives us an opportunity to focus on community, on goodness, on family, and on love.

"One of the sagest, warmest and most deeply human scripts to have come out of our theatre." -NY Post

Audtion Date:    Saturday, April 10 from 11:00am - 2:00pm
Location:        1167 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Callbacks:      Monday, April 12 at 5:30pm, if needed

Rehearsals:      To be determined based on cast conflicts
Performances:  June 4 - 26   (Fri/Sat 8:00pm, Sun 2:00pm)
All roles are open.  There are 30+ characters in this play done without props and with minimal set.  Character is everything in this play.  The director is looking for actors interested in bringing honesty to their portrayals.  No accents.

Major Characters:
The Stage Manager.  Male. Age- flexible.  One of the truly iconic roles in classic American theatre.  This character leads us through life in Grovers Corners, serving as narrator and as various characters.  He is a stage manager-calm and kind, with an understanding of the human condition.
Emily Webb.  20-25.  Playful, sincere, spirited.  This play follows her from ages 16-28.
George Gibbs. 20-25.  Gentle, funny, emotional in a quiet way.  This play follows him from ages 17-29.
Mrs. Gibbs.  40s. Mother of George and Rebecca.  She is warm and caring with a wit.
Mrs. Webb. 40s.  Mother of Emily and Wally.  She is good hearted, loving with a crisp air about her.
Dr. Gibbs. 40s.  Town physician, father of George and Rebecca,  He is warm and affable with an open heart and great sense of humor.
Mr. Webb. 40s.  Newspaper editor, father of Emily and Wally.  He is bright, inquisitive and full of love.
Rebecca Gibbs. 11-13.  Sweet and sassy little sister of George.
Wally Webb. 11-13.  Goofy little brother of Emily.
Howie Newsome.  Milkman- simple and straightforward.
Joe Crowell. 11-13.  Funny newspaper boy.
Professor Willard.  Thoughtful and intelligent.
Simon Stimson.  Troubled man with pathos and talent.
Mrs. Soames.  Town gossip.  A real character.
Sam Craig.  Modern man with heart.
Joe Stoddard.  60s.  Thoughtful and kind undertaker.
Constable Warren.  Gruff law enforcement type.
Artistic woman in the audience.
There are many other small parts and there will be a choir.
Questions: Contact the director at 650.726.0268 or for more information.